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yakso first says:

your voice is like a sharp bullet

Lester C. Simon says:

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Og maco Sheesh says:

Did you swap the red and green for physiological reasons ? Im confused

Kailaashavaasi Amble says:

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Fusca D01 says:

You like more to use this sma in bull or bear trend?
Thank you so much!

Alex Jaa says:


OIdiesCentral says:

You have the best educational vids on forex trading but can confuse people with the candle bar colors.


earn daily 3 to 20% with mine managed acount tradings in forex 

Daniel Trowbridge Hernandez says:

what MA do u use to determine the trend

Amar Mallick says:

+Jerry Daykin When you're scalping, you're rushing in and out of positions with the intention of making a few pips of profit over a short time span. Scalpers follow the momentum of a currency pair and watch for price breakouts, when the entire market seems to move in a single direction.

Jared Schaalje says:

Thank you so much for your amazing, wonderful videos! I love the enthusiasm and great wisdom! You are brilliant! Your videos have honestly been a blessing from Heaven, and I am so grateful you have produced these instructional video clips. They have helped me out so much with my Forex trading! Keep up the great work!!

trinex7 says:


Md Sazzad Mahmud Nipu says:

You should not trade on M1 time frame. For sscalping M15 is good. For more profitable scalping strategy. http://www.forexfunction.com/forex-trading-strategy
u will find some profitable strategy 

cccori says:

Which broker are you using? I am using Oanda and the 10 SMA on the 1 minute does not really work that well because their spread are generally 1.2-4.5.  

Amanda West says:

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tommbstone1 says:

This 10 sma is simple but your going to get maybe 2 to 3 pips. Sideways action will kill you and you never know when the trend will start to chop. Try adding cci rsi or macd to help. Ao or osma may help. Maybe only trade london open but getting 10 pips a day won't be this simple.

D says:

This is true?

fadethetrade says:

ON bad news, indices make new highs, on good news, they don't go up any faster then with bad economic news.SOme economic news like unemployment, jobless claims, GDP, news that used to wake up the markets years ago ,simply puts them in a trance and flat consolidation.It irritates me that no one on CNBC talks about it except for Rick Santelli with his confusing and criptic explanations about long term supprt and resistance levels being the most important at this time.

fadethetrade says:

Some of my collegues and I believe after the price glitch in 2011,they changed the markets for the short term guys opportunities.They tried to fix this so they can bleed out the scalpers and micro traders. Since obama took over, and the fed began the big QE bailout,the markets try to profit take, selloff a bit taking profits off the table which they've done for 60 years! but just as the markets are making a spike down and nice move, within 1 hour, it bids up to new highs again, MANIPULATION.

fadethetrade says:

I haven't seen a day like your example on the sp 500 emini in YEARS!

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