10 things to do AFTER you install NinjaTrader 8

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List of Tips and Resources for further details from the videos:
Tip 1: Modify / Setup Instrument Lists
– Step by Step: https://youtu.be/7VbkewhIRqc

Tip 2: Turn on “auto” future roll overs
Tip 3: Change default amount of bars loaded and save as presets
Tip 4: Setup and Configure HotKeys
– Step by Step: https://youtu.be/EwD8CP4gjNo

Tip 5: Custom Audio Files for Alerts
Tip 6: Setup your workspaces via Tabs or Windows

Tip 7: Add in Custom Indicators
– Priceline Indicator: https://www.xabcdtrading.com/membership-details/indicators/price-line-indicator-for-ninjatrader-8/

– News indicator: https://www.xabcdtrading.com/membership-details/news-indicator-ninjatrader-nt8/

Tip 8: Setup your live data feeds
Tip 9: Create Chart Templates

Tip 10: Configure your Email alerts
– Tutorial on setting up Gmail Accounts: https://www.xabcdtrading.com/blog/ninjatrader-8-gmail/


Tod Tradapezer says:

Solid video. The first one with instrument lists NT should have a more full and complete list loaded in my default imo.  Even the 5 days as a default for load time seems small.

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