10 Year Old Stock Trader interviews with Option Trading Guru’s!!

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Tom and Tony talk with Oliver Leopold. Oliver is 10 years old and he is already trading. Oliver talks about different stocks hes interested in, and how he got started.

It was a pleasure having Oliver on the show!


Gary Stinten says:

hey guys..

do you have an episode where it explains the definitions of stocks, options, the trading game, the main stradegies on how each are different from one another.

I'm 35, haven't got a job as I'm a fulltime carer looking after my partner and son and want to create a nest egg of sorts.

Wisdombluetooth says:

All my family are trading stocks…and giving me gifts in stocks..I trade stocks..I am super natural….

The Truth is in Logic says:

many blacks dont even know what a stock market is, let alone about investing in, a lack of education and comprehension skills removes blacks from this form of financial gain all together, so that they're parents will preach to them to get a job and work hard, like the republicans, who teach their children to start business and invest and one day you'll own yourself a few black employees that you can teach their children to work hard, systematic opression


With 8 i play yugioh 

Lucy Kelly says:

Which site was the boy referring to which let him practice trading with fake money?

TheTwoStarWolves Mac says:

He pays for his own phone bills -.- Oliver, when your famous give me money ;3 haha jk

Zapper Zapped says:

Damn, so cute kid. Wish my parents noticed and encouraged me to develop software 20 years ago when i was 10 as i could do some small interactive games in BASIC that had plenty of colors and some interesting graphics. Wish my parents noticed my interest in designing of engine prototypes 10 years ago when i was 20 as i could produce pretty efficient designs. At the same time, i started trading with FxOpen using their MT4. Even now at 30, my parents don't agree to many things and i have to convince them so hard, as i never wanted to do anything that my parents dislike at least as long as they're alive as they're the reason why i`m in this world today.

But, after 10 years, i convinced my parents, quit my $1000/month day job today (few hours ago) promising them that i`ll suck every nickel from the stock market to recover my over $90,000 trading losses that happened over the last decade and they don't even have to support me as i have savings for the next 4 months for the whole family and if i cannot beat the market in 4 months time with a trading experience of over 10 years, then i guess i should place a full stop to trading.

Starro K says:

How easy is this really?

Real truth pliz

Circusfan100 says:

He is my friend it is true 

Lucy Furr says:

For the same reason i wanted to invest wow… genius!

Lucy Furr says:

omg like tripped his money on those disney stocks ahahhah

Grace Lee says:

Blablah so much talking on the guy with hat

shizukashiawase says:

i'm a lil skeptical~~~

hotmojo1 says:

A lovely young man.

venomous says:

just watched The Wolf of Wall Street and now I'm magically here :)

kayleigh Unicorn says:


IAmKidPain says:

This kid is a genius! 

FreedomWorkShop says:

To everyone saying: "It's just his parents buying him stock" – no you DON'T SAY! Because I thought he went into the bank and opened an account with the money that he earned from is last tax refund, or maybe he sold one of his cars or something? IDIOTS! You're missing the point. He knows his stocks, he knows the terms, he has his own website and writes his own articles. His initial interest was from his own curiosity and he happy to get stocks for his birthday. What more do you want from him? Bunch of bloomin' grinches. Get a life!

Sora TGN says:

The kid is just going with the flow. I'm not against him, but it's just his parents buying him stocks. It has nothing to do with him. He might be interested now and hope he becomes successful in the future, but he's not that special in my opinion. Any rich parents can buy their kids a few stocks and a nice suit.

Elena Trajkovska says:

your right

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