100% of the Time, When THIS Happens, the Stock Market Crashes! Is This Time Different?

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The Money GPS says:

When people become too arrogant, they will be punished. When people get too cocky, they will face reality.
It is when people are most hyped and the euphoria set in that people will feel it the most.
This happens 100% of the time.
Do you feel the sense of euphoria?

Dark Matter says:

Get a night part time job and go to school loans can be a kick start. I suggest don't go on luxury free ride loans

Dark Matter says:

Investment meeting are outlook of a product you are going to produce.. With returns for the invested..the math is usually produced their…the hardest part is establishment of the investors the only time you get a call from an invested you have something they need and can substantially make money they offer a dirt cheap Price. Home market's area the foundation for businesses

hbk711x says:

8:00 great point , so many ppl with the same degrees without any jobs, its not helping, plus the debt!
9:00 college students onf food stamp type programs…
10:00 yup money problems are coming!

viiihar says:

https://youtu.be/5V82t6HbBLg. I thought just to post a different perspective…. any one any thoughts ?

Mark Nordgård says:

this week Stock marked will hitt a New ATH and gold/silver Down the toilet

Regan Orr says:

Colleges (Demonrats) are Ripping Off the Students!

Rick Zimmerman says:

With disclosed Stock Buy Backs for 2018 plus all the Stock Buy Backs since 2009, equals over 5 Trillion Dollars. All of the Central Banks have accumulated Five Trillion Dolllars plus since 2010. Now ask yourself if the markets starts a sell, the central banks will defend their balance sheets and start BUYING…. and the Stock Buy Backs are permanent. the market is shallow however the downside is limited.

Lady pilliwick says:

March 9 2018….the market is repeatedly trying to crash BUT someone (federal Reserve ? ) steps in and buys massive amounts of bonds. .which in turn pushes the stock market up….. the market is rigged
Can they keep this up ? Yes…they control the money supply. as long as the money stays in the banking financial system and doesn't leak into the economy. …yes they can
Trouble is it's starting to leak… massive hyper inflation is coming

killerbvato says:

How can I profit from the callapse? If I have 401k? Anyways to benefit or prepare ? My 401k is linked to charlseswabs but can only invest in bonds and itfs

UniteAndAttack says:

I came here unveil for the and I will truth and I will let you unveil that to me

Jiggajig Jones says:

Says video not available dude.

Y User says:

The biggest Ponzi scheme of all time

ba sook says:

I think that US is trying very hard to crash market.

dartek14 says:

Well Yes are we 1928 all over again .. Yes I think so .. therefore we have a solid 18 months of growth. We need a large legacy bank to first fail as the death knell. If Deutsche and Dalio's short on the Italy Bank hold then we still have time. Deutsche should be understood as a micro-reflector of the Euro exchanges. Will a US bank fail first? No .. it's Europe's turn to deep dive Italy, Portugal, Spain, Germany, France and once again the UK rescued by the Yanks. Thanks David.

Greg Massi says:

Euphoria? You goof, the S&P 500 has only averaged a 9% return per year since 2007 when the previous high was 13000. You don't look at the previous low you unsophisticated analyzer.  World economic growth is in its infancy with China and India just beginning.

Patrick Tremblay says:

Sometimes, it's not arrogance. Sometimes it's desperation that forces you to jump to your doom.

Jonathan Mountfort says:

Please have a toilet on every thumb nail – it is the best.

Christopher Meyers says:

This guy has been saying the market is going to collapse sense his channel started 6 years ago. I just scrolled through all of his videos any every one has the same negative connotation. If you listened to him you would have missed years of bull market profits. You would have come out ahead even if there was a crash.

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