100 % Safe trading strategy in future & options Stock Market.

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Basic Knowledge About Market.
What Is Intraday Trading .
How To I Predict Intraday Market Movement.
How To I Predict Demand & Supply In Intraday.
What Is My Trading Ratio “Stop loss & Target” In Intraday Market.
How To I Predict Stock For Intraday.
My All Trading & Hedging Technique In Intraday Market.
About My Fund Management In Market.
How To I Use 6 Filter In Intraday For Selecting Stock .
What Technical Tool I Use To Predict Movement In Intraday.
My All Do & Don,t About Intraday Market.
What Is Stop Loss Buying & Stop Loss Selling In Intraday How To I Use This Tool Market.
Why Trend Is A Good Friend In Intraday & How To I Predict The Trend .
What Are I Do In News Based Stocks In Intraday Market.
What Timing I Select For Perfect Intraday Trading .
Lot More About I Use In Intraday With Technical Support & Trading Technical.
How To I Select For BTST & STBT .
What Is Short Term Trading & How To I Use It With Trading Technique Properly.
How To I Work In Short Term Properly With Proper Fund Management .
What Is Technical Analysis & Its All Tools.
Know About Technical Analysis Tools What Is.resistance & support ,DMA & EMA ,RSI ,MACD ,Value & More.
More Tool.. Volume , Moving Average Crossover , Overbought And Oversold Levels , Candlestick Patterns
What Is Long Term Trading & Fundamental analysis.
How To I Work In Long Term To Save Future With Vest Money
About All Fundamental analysis…EPS ,PE RATIO , BOOK VALUE , PH IN % , OPM ,NET PROFIT ,Dividend,Face Value Market Cap,Bonus Shares , Stock Split Know All
All Study Are Going With More Then 15 Web Sites & Proper Knowledge Of All 15 Web Sites.
Providing All Intraday & EOD Technical Software Free For All Which I Use.
What Is F & O Market & What Is Hedging In F & O .
How To I Work In F & O With My All Do & Don”t .
My More Then 10 Hedging Technique In F & O & How To I Apply All Hedging.
Know About Option Market..What Is Fair Value ,Premium ,In The Money CE In The Money PE ,Time Value .
What Is IPO & How To I Work In IPO All In Details & How To I Use Past IPO Like A Filtering .
What Is Mutual Fund & How Many Types Mutual Fund.
How To I Work Successfully In Mutual Fund With My All Do & Don”t.
What Is Commodity & Why People Facing Problem For Success .
How To I Work With Proper Planing & Trading Technique.
My Lot More Trading Trading Technique With Technical Analysis In Commodity & How I To Use Proper Fund Management For All Product .
In Commodity Best Websites For Live Market Updation.
Biggest Trading Mistakes In Commodity With All Do & Don”t.
What Is Currency & Why It Is More safer then Eq. & commodity.
How To I Work With Proper Planing & Trading Technique.
How To Make A Bright Carrier In This Market Like..A Trader , A Broker , In Job , A Good Adviser , Fund Manager & Lot More.
All successes are based on the foundation of Knowledge. ​
​Failure does not mean that you have failed,
it just means that you have not been ​successful so far.
Disclaimer and disclosure statement
My All video in this channel & website www.liftskill.com is only for ed. & entertainment purpose not for any type of investment or any recommendations Purpose . My all videos and its information is based on my knowledge. My all video & my this website www.liftskill.com is not recommend for any type of investment . Me either my web site www.liftskill.com is not responsible for any type of loss or profit or any type of damage for any one.


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