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Today was a great trading day for me and the first trading day of the week for myself. I was able to close just above $1,000 today trading Crude Oil futures contracts. I got the short early on in the session right after the open, and closed out 30 minutes later. I hope you enjoy this series of videos! Give a thumbs up if you do. 🙂

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Julian W. says:

Well done mate! Love to watch your analysis!
Which indicator do you use do get the Blue shaded zone?

Tomo Gimmi says:

This kid makes money from MEMBERSHIPS and courses NOT trading.FACTS.. You must trade OPTIONS to hv higher probabilities plus to hedge positions..tbis is what hedge fund and professional use. Get real kid

dave mac says:

Nice job. also interested in your setup

Random Guy says:

Hi I'm 15 year old getting started. Can you recommend any books or programmes for futures trading? Thanks

Ludwig CHARLATÉ says:

Hi man hope you’re good once more a really good video and we are grateful for that.
I am wondering how old are you ? And did you make studies, university etc… before investing 100% of your time in trading

Hal Harman says:

How did you determine the zones?

Torry Hudson says:

Nice trade bud!

michael hurst says:

How can i copy your sierra setup? Do you have a sierra setup video?

Sem K says:

Can you maybe make a video once about your trading/backtesting excel spreadsheet?

Salem Saleh says:

What is the amount of budget you trade du

Joe Horton says:

Nice trade 🙂 I took the same one. Got out at 44s. Just out of curiosity what indicators have you put on your 1000 volume chart? Cheers

Venom Trades says:

I like your shoes in the back

Pablo says:

Who's your broker now. I'm looking to switch out from Merrill.

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