$1,000 Profit Day Trading Stocks Live

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Dummkopf says:

You can't use your mouse roller wheel to zoom in and out? I don't have Ameritrade, but I have Etrade where I use the mouse roller to zoom.

Keith Howard says:

You guys nailed it today. Great Job!! Thanks for the video

Ahmed Hayir says:

Can you please make video about how you set up your ThinkOrSwim platform. Thanks

Kyle F says:

Enjoy the videos but that asian dude's voice is obnoxious.

KeepItSimple says:

Not sure about anyone that watches this, but I enjoy watching this. Good trading

Luis Parades says:

Traded Rokuo…for a 546$….profit….

panagranit pana says:

Yeah great call out this morning I made like 50 bucks and this is the beginning of a trading for me, so nice call out on Roku.

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