$10,000 Bitcoin Incoming?! – BTC CryptoCurrency – Bitcoin Crypto News

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Is Bitcoin going to hit $10,000? BTC Bitcoin CryptoCurrency investing! Bitcoin Crypto News!
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rebecca bond says:

the market is looking great i love checking my gains

Rick James says:

Looking forward to the alts next run!!

wOrDo says:

If I win I'll probably put it in DBC, it's rumored to be listed to Binance soon. Cheers from Houston,TX

Edward Baum says:

What do you guys think about Algebraix?

Nicholas Schiller says:

Im good with some consolidation, keeps us honest!!
LTC LfbpjgfetSzDHRHaMJnw7RExicnTU6XyJk

brian st amand says:

Love the videos, information and the contents…and thank you for the giveaways

LTC: LQNzYvXdyNzo9W9JxbfH9LSdHdRjHEv6ar

Maverick says:

When are you going to do a deep dive on Babb like you did with Tron? you were so bullish on it when I first superchatted you about it! Also you said you would do one when you take a position on it!


Justin Harrelson says:

Great to see us finally holding above $430 billion

Andrew K says:

Thanks Zach. Weird how sometimes Alt coins decide to stop following BTC up. How is the diet going? lol LNUCjCPKUdeqRWK38QzibcCDXNnakhdkT8

Andy Price says:

Hey Zach, what's with that Apollo everyone's talking about?

O Andarilho says:

Thanks for the overview. I am not worried about the state of crypto. Keep leading the charge! Great show and I always look forward to it. MLgsgFvKUERBw68M5vJkGb17DS47xMM3Az

Eduardo Espinal says:

Thank you!! Great info and great job!! LTC: MQSfmcagJSibVF85aXLi8B5517NiD9qMYV

Reggie Menard says:

Next resistance lines for btc and eth 9800 and 800

Benny k says:

Green market is way more fun


Stian Bekkemellem says:

470 b mc by Sunday, moon next

LTC: MMQE9wU6RmPdBjjszsR3HPwp2VCkc1rNhv

rommel capistrano says:

Thanks for news and updates
LTC: 177pFz9vSqU7PZrXDvcUGE7KxDYJqPim4E

neogeojr says:

Great information as always. Do you do any mining other than on Hashflare?


CT Lopez says:

another great ICO review, it seems to be a good one LLnxpvJdjKSBT6mAcNLmLMivwqQsV8U8Pk

Scxm says:

Money's on TRX and XRP. LTC: M8kVvsAYRoD6QmCPmDvNvfyj36xpCMn1A4

NO FHOMO says:

Thanks for the video Zac, as always informative. BTC to 10K soon!

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