$1,000’s Per Contract Day Trading Gold Futures!

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This video will take you through the trade of the week at Options On The Open and will give you my broad market over view using our Price Cycle Trend Model.

As Jim Crammer, CNBC likes to say, “There is always a Bull Market somewhere” and we found it today in Gold Futures! While the broad market indexes were getting hammered gold and gold futures (GCQ12) had an explosive move to the upside. One member/trader at Options On The Open, that trades gold using the Power Cycle Futures Day Trading Model, had a very special day trading and made over $7,000 cumulative per contract on his gold day trades.

Not only did he have a special day but the Power Cycle Trading Model had us out of the markets or short the broad markets since April 6th, 2012. It sure is great having a system that can get you out of markets near their tops, saving you from these devastating down moves.


MrFourkinghell says:

how do you spell B U L L S H I T?

Jay Towie says:

Learning to trade price action is key. Get a solid setup that trades with price entries like the pipdaq setups and you'll do well…

65ADORNO says:

Anyone who quotes Jim Cramer (A proven loser) and uses trend lines is a quack.

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