11/14/17 Post Market Wrap Up PLUS: “Hidden Language Of The Market Exposed.”

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John Jones says:

Just go political greg .Not much use in saying anything anymore.

James Madison says:

Always enjoy your show. Great information which shows I am not equipped to invest against a rigged system. If I can't hold it…

Dan Reynolds says:

"Never mind that man behind the curtain!" Actually, the Fed is the circus barker. The man behind the curtain who is able to buy huge amounts of bonds and at the same time pump up the Stk mkt. is the Exchange Stabilization Fund tied into the US treasury and established back in the early 30's. They knew that this day would come and are in full bore mode!

bobby hawkeye says:

I see it as the market is about to crack and money is going to bonds for safety. No conspiracy here.

Brian Mortimer says:

Thanks for all your hard work and insight that you pass along. Love your work!

Yngve Soegnen says:

We mere mortals need your daily updates. Keep it up!

Delman says:

The big fat bubble will crash https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymGuFCYromg&spfreload=10 the only question is when of course, right..

dexterdave54 says:

Good morning, Gregory, and yes, I believe what you're saying is true. I think you're the most honest man in your field, today. I have taken a wait and see attitude on what the SEC is going to do in regards to yours and many others notifications. I feel like, as a lay person, my contacting them, would make little, or no difference. Thank you for being here and telling the truth, Gregory

grE68 says:

Stock Futures down over 100 points again.

Reef Surfer says:

I believe it…

robilefoxx says:

Yes, the Federal Reserve and other central banks are massively manipulating the financial markets, attempting to keep the Bull market in stocks going on. But, there is a plan involving flash crashing the US Dollar by a schemer looking to seize the throne of the world. This plan is convoluted and complex in its psychological orchestration, because any single man ruling the whole world must insure the absolute loyalty of the masses, by being seen as the savior of the world. So, the Dollar will be crashed to bring down the house of cards of the wicked power elite and the corrupt world banks; then, the world masses, freed from the oppression of the ruling system, will desire a savior to lead them to a promised land of safety and security. Thus, a complete Collapse will shortly be initiated by a leader that has plotted to alone rule the world, as its savior and global dictator.

havikshorst120 says:

Yes , but what can we do about it all ? It is all so obvious and as long as they get away with it they will do it , one big fraud .

wojciech jarog says:

this guy is really smart i wish more people would find some time to listen to him, good job Gregory….

Caren Alex says:

Thank you for THE TRUTH Gregory ❤️

shoebox91us says:

You always tell the truth thank you.

AnthroGuy says:

Why and how exactly could there be moment where this is not working anymore?
Since the banks can create money out of thin air they could well continue to do so as long as they like to. Could there be any development they wouldnot be able to handle with billions of fiat money? I would love to hear your opinion on that matter. thanks

TrueGritProductions says:

The language, is Hebrew

TrueGritProductions says:

You're quite genius sir. Keep going

Austin G says:

Does Greg post his tickers anymore?

Oofa T. Maloofawitz says:

Thanx for all Gregory. My cell phone, not from my doing, was apparently sent to Youtube reeducation camp. ALL my subscriptions lost. So Jon Jon entered a cocoon and now emerges as a beautiful Oofa!

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