+$1,211 in 2 Minutes Scalping $AMZN $TSLA Options | Day Trading Calls and Puts

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+$1,211 in 2 Minutes Scalping $AMZN $TSLA Options | Day Trading Calls and Puts

Got some very quick scalps on AMZN calls and TSLA puts for a nice green day! Thats why I like to always take the quick move. Enjoy the video!

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How To Trade Options For Income (Scalp Trading Strategy)

My Best Trading Month Ever!

My Interactive Brokers Platform Setup For Scalping Options

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DISCLAIMER: I am not a licensed financial professional. These videos are for entertainment purposes only. Investing of any kind involves risk. Your investment decisions are solely your responsibility. It is imperative that you conduct your own research. I am merely sharing my opinion in this video.


Matt Diamond says:

Fastest scalper in the west! 😂

LDN Gold says:

Is spy the overall market for the S&P, and qqq the overall market for the Nasdaq?

Michael says:

do you always take the market order when u are doing options ?

Reelswift1 says:

Matt looks like you like TOS for charts but what trading platform are you using ? I like the way the trading platform is set up looks simple yet very effective for quick scalping.

Cheetah PSG says:

Nice quick money. All about having a plan, following it, and knowing when to get in and out.

Marco Brändli says:

Hi Matt, thanks for everything, short question to your level 2. What data subscriptions do you have? NASDAQ Total view`?
– Thanks!

Rooney Ren says:

hey matt, could you make a video and show us how do you set up your interactive broker like that?

Frankie Tu says:

As a swing trader, I find it tempting to switch over LOL. But yeah, just can't get my head around what the risk reward is like for scalping.

Chi Trinh says:

Love your videos! I was wondering do you market order or limit order when you scalp so fast? I want to be at your level ONE DAY! :0)

Colin Yeaney says:

Is there a reason you place your trades on interactive brokers rather than ToS? Better execution prices or something?

Ohu Sanborn says:

Yo Matt! I've adapted this strategy for over a month now and have been consistently profitable trading in the Interactive Brokers simulator. Ready to take the leap and trade on my live account. Thanks for the videos!! It's been a major help! Watched every video religiously for a while now….

Ohu Sanborn says:

How do you set up your order entry window to auto market order? vs. the standard limit it starts on….

Ace Inc says:

Hey Matt what software do you use to record your day

Quo Vadis Domine says:

Can someone direct me to a video sharing basics on options trading? This one is too advanced for some of us, and not detailed enough. Thanks

Shawn Holt says:

Did you ever use to use limit orders or always have used market orders

d4nnyth3dog says:

Hi Matt, would you possibly consider doing a video showing what platforms you use and how you like to set them up? Thank you.

Pratyusha Vallabhaneni says:

Thanks, Matt

Manfred Drews says:

88.70 per contract. Out of my league here.

Tarek Hocine says:

Quick question: you sold AMZN contracts but I’m noticing that you didn’t reach the break even when you bought it, I thought that for the contacts, we need to be beyond the break even to start make money (pricing of the stock plus the premium), is that a new trade type that you’re doing????

Jose Sanchez says:

I made 490 today with Tesla! I'm catching up to you 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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