16 Penny Stocks To ‘Buy’ January 2019

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It’s that time of the month where I give you the top penny stocks to watch out for either buy or short. 3 in 1 stock course http://zedmonopoly.com

Day trading penny stocks is the only way I would recommend.

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Zed Monopoly says:

if you're new here have a look at why I'm picking these stocks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3xygBSYZpE

Tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7elpwFAuZjc&t=43s

brucewayne023 says:

Another cool video.
I like your direct explanation no bs right to the point.
I shorted UXIN today 20% profit. Thanks

Veer Zaara says:

Thnx agian bro ✌

Jules T says:

Hey Zed, What percentage of your students are successful after taking your course? Doubling the price tells me you have a huge success rate at teaching them

Moscow Russian says:

Learn Learn '' Learn … Focus on the pattren.. Its cool frinds enjoy the trade….. Be u r own boss… Frinds.. Focus Focus 'Focus right….direction… And than frind find good stocks.. Thats it frind…

Moscow Russian says:

No No No No No good bye penny stcks…. …. Frinds.. Listening carefully use only one pattern.. Right pattern… Thats it use u r own brain…come on man

otieno daniel says:

@Zed Monopoly, Thank you i have all your videos always studying them.

mr lotfy says:

essalamo alaikom dear brother zed, So as not to be boring, I say : may allah bless you, love from your brother

speedy says:

What trading platform do u use????

MizzyJR1997 says:

Zed with your course, do you trade stocks with any interest money involved. Like I hear if you leave trades overnight it can accumulate interest?? Please inform me if you can thank you. 🙂

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