18 Year Old Trade-in His Lamborghini Aventador Prank! (Supercar and Gold digger Prank)

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MangoManTango says:

Not being able to afford the real car makes a better video than asking Vitali to do a video with you lol

Cheng Yang (EExpo) says:

You make asians look bad man…

Kameron Squalls says:

Glasses cam??

kingcrimson234 says:

I keep running into this ricefag's videos for some reason, and it's gotta be the worst channel on Youtube. He's not funny AT ALL, and half of his videos are just really stupid things about race.

jake bishop says:

Stay still mother fucker!!!

ThePlayer2k12 says:

This is fucking retarded, you sound dumb too

mason resendes says:

You do not look 18, you look fucking 45

josh moore says:

This has to be the most broken channel ever..terrible content, half of which isn't even his own

beats strikes again says:

I have that one in white

LArider57 says:

not funny

ARed0cean says:

Get a real job you retard.

Rob Roy says:

this is the dumbest prank ever and yall should be slapped.


0:40 I think I know that guy

flythesky3000 says:

Was this created by the mind of a 9 year old? Childish waste of people's time.

Alexis Ortega says:

Waste of my fucken time stuoid ediot

Steve CaTtelL says:

Dude you suck at pranks seriously. You first said you wanna trade it in . Then you said you have to go to china I have to sell the car WTH dude you suck bro ..

John Brian says:

dumb ass lame prank

Sneaker Attack says:

how is this a gold digger prank

Fester Smyth says:

That guy was right @3:05 "is this for your blog or something, it would be better if i whip your ass in front of the camera" and the other guy calling Police. You DO NOT go to places like these for shitty pranks. Luxury car dealers are there for serious business, not sitting there for some pathetic joke.

Dark windows says:

I was really disappointed !!!

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