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Follow my progress as I dive head first into investing, while trying not to lose it all!!

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Please note I am not a market professional. I am not responsible for any trading losses that may be experienced by following my wayward lead, in fact I recommend you don’t follow my lead. 🙂 Have fun and happy trading.


antjr1992 says:

i haven't really made any money since the market started going down. the only money my portfolio is getting is from the money i'm putting into it. I'm kinda just looking for stocks that will give me dividend returns because whenever i buy a stock to swing it just starts going down. ive put a little money into sticks that have long term growth so those will take time before i really profit off of them. other stocks that are growing i cant afford currently. any advice besides choosing better stocks haha. btw we have a lot of similar stocks

yungdrseuss says:

Incredible day from PANW

Murad Shawar says:

can you do a video on DOW chemical and what happens now since the merger. You cant buy or sell it on robinhood. What does that mean.

Heriberto Iribe says:

sell Verizon

Frank Robbins says:

How's that $100 investment doing so far, following you….

Kam Mike says:

Invest in my company BEN

travis kemp says:

Can you do a video on large cap ETF's? Pros/cons, your favorite ones, ect.

Sheila Rabant says:


Hamlet kel says:

You are awesome

Min Young Kim says:

You should check out
ULTA and Costco
Coming back up after large dip

Phantom Elite Paranormal says:

Watch u daily love that ford stock .. me I used the free stocks to bring in a Bunch of new people on Robin hood and I traded them free ones for Ford . Anyway I like how ford stock is so I was looking at ones kind of like it . So OHI looks super Promising with a high devident it's not blue chip but it's top in its own class and it beat It's projected quarterlies every quarter and it looks like it's growing . Omega healthcare Investors

MissionForDays96 says:

Btw I'm a beginner and Robinhood is a really good app, why do people not use it as often? I'm sure you can swing trade and make 1k a week with a large amount of money.

MissionForDays96 says:

I just started trading and made 30$ this week! Yaya

Daily Deals with Tim says:

The Ford Surge! and today was a incredible rise in general. Probably the most i've seen in a while.

Yael Daniel says:

I am mad at myself for selng Gild $71 it up $83

Yovani H. says:

What do u work in

manzo215 says:

In my first month paper trading I'm up 5.8% 🙂

Investing4 Profits101 says:

What was the most expensive share you received from the free share invites ?

BrenSki says:

Take a look at SHOP, been growing so much in the year and has had similar growths like AMD over the past few days.

mier says:

Notification squaaadd lol

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