188. Trading the E Mini S&P Futures Contract

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The next lesson in my free video futures trading course which covers how to trade the E Mini S&P Futures Contract.


columkenn says:

4 contract months, does that mean trading is only active in those months of the year?

Faisal Sawadi says:

Very easy and clear explanation, thanks a lot…

Day Trading Coach, John McLaughlin says:

I like your video – subscribe to my channel and friend to have day trade videos

69QuIzAcK69 says:

Thank you very much. Is there any literature you would recommend that discusses e mini or how futures work in more detail? I'm considering jumping in, but I'd rather be armed and dangerous first. Thanks for the video, great information!

OilTradingAcademy says:

I offer an online Oil Trading Room at my website if you're interested.


InformedTrades says:

Hey Tavi,
Thanks I'm glad you enjoyed it 🙂


318767663 says:

Dave, Im not clear about how much it would typically cost to play 1 or more contracts.

Is contract size 100 as in options ?

Do you need 44000$ to play 1 contract ? Thats what it sounds like. 885 x 50$ Yikes !!!!!

Dont sound like its for small time traders.

Thanks for all the videos.

teewoods says:

Great work! I have been reading all your videos – you put so much work into this!

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