1929 Wall Street Stock Market Crash

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The most devastating stock market crash in the history of the United States;
Its from my favorite documentary by PBS – New York.

This particular part about Wall Street crash of 1929 is from episode 5 of the series with title: Cosmopolis
there are lots of archive photos, footages and drawings throughout the series and in my opinion it was great work done with finding them.

series website:

“Archival shoots took place at various historical and cultural institutions, including the New-York Historical Society, the Museum of the City of New York, and the Library of Congress, and focused on the filming of particularly rare or large-scale archival prints, lithographs, maps, and photographs”


dosduros says:

So… in 1929 we traded 16 million shares as peak. Nowdays we trade that in 5 seconds.
Care to take a guess how big the next cash can be?

Глобальная Бизнес Платформа (multi-language) says:

1929 год. Наиболее разрушительный обвал фондового рынка в истории Соединенных Штатов; 
Часть документального фильма PBS – Нью-Йорк. Эта часть о биржевом крахе 1929 года.

Simcha Leib Jubiler says:

Sorry that wasn't me it was a hack

Simcha Leib Jubiler says:

Fuck'n ey

Ronny PSN says:

This shit caused WWII

MercyofJesus says:

Next biggest financial crash is coming next year sept 13 2015

John Waters says:

It was called the great depression because it was oo soo good!.. and so  so fun!

Lasha Odishelidze says:

bring hitler back , he has talked about this many times ! 

Chris Coleman says:

I wonder if he accepts federal notes printed from the 50s. maybe he won't notice….hahahahahahaha

Andre Smith says:

The problem is not the collapse in prices, it's the ridiculous rise in prices in the first place.  Anyone watching the DOW these days?

Andrew Smith says:

Why are people who watch this video making fun of it?  This is a good video and we can learn from it.  We have had panics before. 1893, 1907, 1914, 1987, 2008…and we may experience another in the future.

vettefever67 says:

Pretty funny to see these historians talking about the 20's and how similar they are to now. Its the little guy vs. the oligarchs. 

Jeremy Blake Nelson says:

"You can't crash if you never left the ground."

Nameguy159 says:

4/10 would not bang.

Pantelis Roussakis says:

learn to rmember

Andre Smith says:

It was just a classic bubble and a classic burst.  Similar things have happened since, and will happen again.  Human memories are short, very short.  People have been diving into stocks again just a few years since the last bubble burst.

Make Money With Gold says:

Great Video. "Speculative bubble" Like a runaway train, scary stuff! And now today, talk of a Global currency reset… 

Sean Fahey says:

lol 0:58 to 1:12 turn on captions and read that section. i love you captions

Adam Balm says:

¿ Do we learn from history ¿?

David n says:

Jews Jews Jews, Always the Jews, never the stupidity of people like you. Its not your poor investments, its the Jews fault! Nice logic there!

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