1987 Stock market crash – 30 years on

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Bloomberg interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C49cf9PPJfg
Hussman charts: https://www.hussmanfunds.com/wmc/wmc171009.htm

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ilr says:

You're talking about the country that invented, "Here, hold my Beer a second…I'ma show you sumthin`"
It won't tank us Americans entirely, but it will certainly tank our Federal Reserve

nothing at all says:

The fact that crashes are a "normal part of the system" is a big criticism Marxists make against capitalism. Crashes cause the weakest to suffer, while rich guys like mr. pink shirt are either fine, or get richer.

Ginger Gander says:

It's not "overvalued" when the World has no other place to earn real interest on their money. The "overvalue" will only become evident when the last "investor" uses his last dollar and starts to panic.

Adam Mcg says:

The most important chart is missing – look up S&P 500 vs Federal Reserve Balance sheet. This is not capitalism.

Tiger Hawk says:

"This time is different" => How many more times do people need to be hit over the head?

It seems there are certain foundational principles with economics that one shouldn't f*ck with…And if you do, you tend to be the one that gets f*cked up the economic ass.

ie: You know a "new theory" is bullsh*t if it doesn't align with common economic sense.
(Especially if it was created by those who will NEVER face the real world consequences for creating the bullsh*t to begin with.)

I think you need to do a video on *economic principles for the Independent Man*. Basically, for those who don't know jack about economics and how to be the ones that will be minimally affected by economic crashes. (There is always someone out there who is still winning in the middle of a sh*t-storm.)

Arne Melchior says:

Hey independent man, can you do more videos on markets and your thoughts on the future of the markets, you have some impressive insights, btw have you watched Peter Schiff? He's an economist who shares you view of over valuation, I recommend his appeareance on the Joe Rogan show if you want to learn about him.

Zach Klocinski says:

I don't know anything about finances, but I like watching it.

ValExperimenter says:

I put it down to a capital glut, with all the pension funds and everybody wanting to be an investor the market responds by lowering returns, 2008 was the market producing investments to supply investors


I've predicated another stock market crash for some time now. The key culprit? Overvalued stocks in tech companies. They keep speculating even though companies like Twitter aren't profitable. I believe this will cause another bubble. In fact, we're in one.

Doug M says:

The Aussie stock market hasn't risen nearly as much as in the US so I'm hoping it isn't too inflated. Fingers crossed.

John Smith says:

oui mon librepenseur,
why, the hyperstagflation curve and 3rd order derivative manifold,
why, it almost resembles a CASSE steady state macro-envelope…
a neo-georgist framework, which 'orbits' around a key set of values.

yet, this fails to take into account,
the innovation 2nd order futures curve.
memristors, plasmonstra, astromining…
all kinds of awesome tech which have a different ERoEI envelope.

there is no reason to assume that
dystopic macrofutures need to transpire,
just as nassim alluded to. (nassim was an early member of WFSF etc, he spoke about several futures yield curves)
je prends conge

swedlife boiii says:

Stocks? Don't the banks already fleece us enough?

Anthony Neville says:

Its ganna be bad

nickyiil says:

The only thing i know about the market is .. it keeps crashing. We need an upgrade pronto.
Though a radical redesign would be better in the long run.

Anon says:

I don't even understand why the stock market goes up or down or what that even corresponds to in real terms or why it's important.

densealloy says:

All I heard was WUU WUU (the teacher from Charlie Brown). Whenever I think I'm fairly intelligent all I have to do is listen to someone speaking about finance and I am brought back to reality. I'm a dumb ass.

The Fuzz says:

American markets will continue to go higher cuz…
1) Business is a hedge against failing government (bonds, which historically always default)
2) Market participation by average joe, is at historical lows, measured by volume
3) Technology allows many to get into markets easily
4) There is a global shortage of investable assets
5 Money is fleeing Europe
6) Credit expansion

Read Armstrong Economics for the absolute BEST analysis of history and markets. He's been more right on everything, and predicted the 87 crash, and most others, to the day. Everything comes down to international capital flows, and the speed and freedom with which they move. THIS is the biggest determinant of a market's overall movement.

Tomas Soeldner says:

What is your opinion on Bitcoin? My college friends and I have been thinking about getting into it.

dMb says:

When the market crashed in 2008, I had just changed jobs. I was in-process of rolling my 401(k) into an IRA, and the bottom fell out of the market during that transfer.

It was probably the best thing that could have happened. The money was withdrawn from the old 401(k) while it was still high, and then when they deposited it into the IRA, everything was 20% cheaper, so my money bought more shares. Then, I looked at the real estate market and figured it had bottomed out, and bought a bunch of REITs which returned 30% over the next few years.

Andrew P. says:

Independent man, if you want a shock to the system, look up LAF fraud on Parliament of Australia's Hansard. There have been several inquiries into banking and brokerage fraud and the submissions scare me. They have been reported cutely as 'liar' loans as well. The practice of giving people money they cannot afford to pay back is endemic and will more than likely bring down the Australian economy. Meanwhile, as of 2016, banker bail-ins have been legalized. The new financial complaints tribunal, half run by bankers, with an ethics committee run by an ex-banker is going to replace many of our financial regulators. The chess pieces have all been positioned and we are going to get screwed over.

The best overview I've read so far is in Denise Brailey's opening senate statement (19th July 2017 – LENDING TO PRIMARY PRODUCTION CUSTOMERS if you can be bothered reading it).

p.s. Malcolm Turnbull is an 'ex' Goldman Sachs managing director.

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