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89 Design says:

Does the pdt rule apply to cash accounts?

Justin H says:

Hey its Tricky Ricky! ?

Claudia Aquino says:

This video makes me feel better ?

John LeGresley says:

Why do you make it so hard to find your trading room. When you click the link, "Trade Stocks Live" It takes you to a site to buy a course! Do you actually trade, or just push courses???

Jesse Francisco says:

Ricky, I notice you trade a lot of stocks or etfs with fairly high share prices. What do you recommend for traders who have a smaller account size but want to utilize the analysis and tips you recommend? It seems as though stocks with lower share prices tend to have less liquidity and might not work as well for day trades. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Aimad Massar says:

congrats guys

Will Smith says:

Wes is has the potential to be a trading ninja by next week lol

I know they’re rare but some of the best tips can be found in the red day videos

Robbert Whittaker says:

Yesterday SQQQ went above the 180 day ema so I thought that was a sign of confirmation. But it just ended up still going down. Any thoughts on what I should’ve done instead ?

RedPillTrades says:

Great video, nice to watch someone very excited about their trades. Trading let's you have unlimited upside potential unlike most other jobs. Financial freedom is the goal!

reign boy says:

Hey Ricky and Weston, Weston’s doing solid for a beginner seems like he isn’t super confident but I hope he begins to build his own process and become convicted in it 🙂 he’s doing great though I would encourage him not to be to hard on himself with any mistakes he makes.

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