+2.01% Fri 24/04/20 Day Trading The DAX Using Pure Price Action

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Live Buy Trade Winner.

I captured this trade live in the first part of the video and also show the Trade Controller in real-time.

In the second part I cover what happened yesterday when there were two SUPERB trades based around an accurately drawn channel. One just before 8am, the second just after the US open at 2:30pm.

Jump to 03:54 to see this.

I describe how powerful the Price Action Grid is and how precisely identified channels can assist us in achieving multiple R trade setups.

Note: The MetaTrader 4 profiles that contain the Price Action Grid (chart structure automatically overlaid and locked into position) are available to members.

Pure Price Action: ‘the language of the charts’ speaks only of structure.

This structure consists of ‘Support & Resistance’ in all its forms.

For more information visit us at https://thedaxdaytraders.com/



AF RC says:

Hello, I've seen that over the week you made more than 10R. Could you translate that into profit % on your account please? Is this a 10%+ profit?

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