2 (FREE) Webinars + Reviewing My Latest Penny Stock Trades

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Register for a free webinar here http://tim.ly/2yQsx4p Wednesday night 8pm EST and go apply at http://tim.ly/sykesmc to gain access to Tim Grittani’s webinar tomorrow 4-6pm EST too and remember he’s turned $1,500 of his own money into now nearly $6 million so you’ll want to pay attention!

0:10 Free webinar with my friend Teeka Tiwari, Wednesday night at 8pm EST. He gave a free webinar when bitcoin was at around $6,000.

2:10 I’ve been over-trading, I made six trades in the last two days which is just insane.

4:20 I’m dip-buying a late-day morning panic. I’m contradicting myself in the alert.

6:30 Dip buying speculative plays works in this market.

7:00 GOPH is an interesting one. First big volume day and I thought based on its recent history it could have another big volume day.

8:30 The vast majority of penny stock executives know when their stock is being promoted.

10:00 You cannot judge trades based on how much you make or lose. Best trade of the past two days SPEX very speculative but well done.

11:30 Hopefully you can learn from my mistakes. I need to put myself in timeout. Every trader goes through this, gotta get back to the basics and be more patient.

13:00 Wednesday after the market closes is a very busy time, make sure you sign up for the webinars. Tune in and get some knowledge.

14:00 Teeka has made millions in the crypto market, it would be wise of you to sign up for his webinar.

Sign up for the free webinars here http://tim.ly/2yQsx4p Wednesday night 8pm EST and go apply at http://tim.ly/sykesmc to gain access to Tim Grittani’s webinar tomorrow 4-6pm EST


Hour Glass says:


William Talaue says:

I am newbie, can you teach me the basic, dont have any knowledge on penny trading. what are the basic steps and requirements.

Hvrries B says:

What the best broker or platform in Canada?
In your opinion

optionout says:

Great lesson. "put myself in timeout" lol..

Its all good Tim. You're a good teacher.

bwv1044 says:

When Tim bashes himself is pure gold comedy

Hal Knowles says:

LOve free videos thanks tim as always

Roy N Barlow says:

Teeka Tiwari won't tell you any of his research in his webinar. I did watch the last one, and I know what he will tell us in this one. What he will do is pressure you to pay extraordinary prices for his research, and then send you mostly advertisements and stock pumps once you do buy it. You can learn from Teeka, but you'll have to pay out the ass for it, and you will have to sort through junk mail to find the lessons. I am very glad that Tim doesn't do that. Watch this video for sure though, because Tim has great lessons.

c rooden says:

when will your next 3hours show up of the DVD framework part DEUX , the mail of 21FEB said nex week but still not here. i can see you are a men of your word. instead of mailing/informing us you are just silent not so professional ?

c rooden says:

I think you are the person that is smashing crypto tech. you don't even understand it yourself??? with your it is just like pot stocks. I hope you realize the younger generation doesn't even care about the stockmarket anymore but is going to the cryptomarket. and saying go to real currencies. i hope you know money is worth nothing. DYOR aswell tim normaly you know things very well because you study so you should study aswell for the crypto world instead of talking BULLSHIT :). thanks for the pennystock video

Stanley Kubrick says:

Круто, бро

James Orman says:

Need to dip buy near support to be safe.

Fadi Suleiman says:

No offense but wouldn't it be viable to be posting percent gains or losses to get a better idea of the mistakes. Dollar amounts can't mean much if we don't know how much percent a stock went up or down.

LampOfMagic says:

i like that you dont lie to urself and admit when you made mistakes. traders who dont admit that they are ever wrong are delusional. and they lose money.

Ramadhika Satria says:

I like free videos

TiltedPancake says:

I’m so glad you made another one of these videos! I’ve been binging hours upon hours of your videos for the past week or so… hundreds of pages of notes. Ha! Thank you.

RetroCredits says:

I’m super excited for this! Signing up now! I hope South Africa was fantastic for you!

LampOfMagic says:

yaaaaaaaaassssss these videos!
this is what i need!

Dofl Pks says:

GRXXF was the most obvious pump and dump. I give credits to Tim for teaching us the "too clean" pump and dump pattern to educating us to not buy into these obvious manipulated run ups. Once those promotion funds end, the stock goes BUH BUH BYE.

Karl Kenny says:

i missed the videos ty for the update tim.;)

Blessed Family says:

Thank you Tim !!!

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