2 High-Probability Strategies for Easy Income

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Used correctly, options can be one of the surest, easiest ways to make money in the stock market. Your Guide, free of cost, has arrived at http://bit.ly/1mUj9R3! Click here to overcome key fundamental challenges facing options traders and turning them into consistently profitable trades.

Getting Started with Options: 2 High-Probability Strategies for Consistent and Easy Income.

A low-risk income strategy for earning 5% to 15% a month without having
to constantly watch your brokerage account.

A reliable, short-term options strategy for profiting from broad directional
moves in the market — it’s easy to implement and carries a success rate
of 85%!


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Atif Baig says:

Great video. I have one question. If I sell necked puts or call way OTM do I need to cover it before it time expire or I kept the credit if it does not touch my strike price.

francis kelvin says:

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McDevid Walter

Jason Hagen says:

GREAT video! Thanks. 

Armando De Michele says:

Homework = results. This has nothing to do with heads or tails ( gambling) ass-wipe.
not really good examples and not worth leaving swing trading.

boowonder888 says:

I mean on expiration date for August:

"Apple's (AAPL) stock rose as high as $648.19, besting the previous high set in April, before closing the day just a few cents lower at $648.11. The company's shares blew through a series of record highs in the first four months of the year, but had then been in a funk since May, when Apple reported that its iPhone sales had plateaued."

August , 17 (money.cnn.com)

This trade made the maximum amount of profit that the Bull Put Spread strategy had to offer. All it had to do was close above or at 545, and it did.

boowonder888 says:

The proof is in the pudding, check out the Apple quote of mid Sept 2012 and we can see if this proved to be a winning trade or not.

Robin Kumar says:

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sharron bags says:

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Robinson Akiri says:

Could be more succinct

vettefever67 says:

Did the fact at 18:20 include hedge and mutual funds.

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