2 Min Turbo Strategy! 90% ITM!!!!!!!! Binary Options

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Jose Mendez says:

what is the red line for?

André Gomes says:

Cristian, why you use the red MA ? what's the meaning of it if you only use the cross between blue and yellow ?

Islam Mahmoud says:

Thanks for the strategy
But, how to know if it'll be a good intersection or false one and will pull back?

Also, what candlesticks time should I set on the IQoption? 2 minutes as this chart?
I mean the time of each candlestick


Stephen Summers says:

Thank you for sharing this. What is the red moving average for? I don't think you talked about it. So when the blue crosses the yellow you are not waiting for the candle close right?

colmmc666 says:

thanks for answering its not clear for me if the blue line is going up
through the yellow line and the red line is below what then .Ami going
on the blue line going up or the position of the red line above or below
thanks very much for answering my question but i m unsure

colmmc666 says:

Thanks for answering in one of your videos you said when the blue line
is going up through the yellow line bet call and going down bet put but
then in another video you said if the red line is above bet call and red
line below bet put. do you have to combine the two can you clear that
up for me thanks

colmmc666 says:

how many times do you bet do you stop after the first trade if sucessful

almedo gjurgji says:

Thank you very much for the video. When you mention the 2 minute chart, u mean candlesticks of 2 minutes or a time expire of 2 minutes???
If the time expire choosen by is 2 minutes, what's the time for every candle?? Candles of 1,2…minutes???

Noor Muhammad says:

what is the purpose of the sma26??

ChaBau says:

Great strategy, getting ready to make some money with this strategy..

Med Yassine Ezzine says:

what is exactly the best expiration time ? Thanks

L. Hill says:

haha just a hint to all those struggling to find a good strategy for the 5 min binaries on nadex… this strategy…. on the 2 minute chart works perfect for the 5 minute experies thanks for the encrypted hint 🙂

Rodger Ladehoff says:

Has anyone tested this strategy with Heiken-Ashi candles?If so please share your results.

L. Hill says:

and that are available to people in the U.S.

L. Hill says:

what brokers do you guys know of that offer 2 minute expiry

Slawomir Czekalski says:

Heeeey maaan! Looks good to me and I made 2 winning trades. Looking forward to another session on monday. You made me join your group! See you soon!!! Thanks a lot.

John Bebb says:

so please, what is the purpose of the 26MA?

Michael Jones says:

So place trade when lines start to intersect even though candle is still going OR wait till candle closes and lines intersect then place 2 min trade? I heard both strategies either way. Which you think is best?

Carlo Francisco says:

I'm sorry, so what's the red MA for then?

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