2 Simple Steps To Set A Stop Loss Trading Penny Stocks | Robinhood

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DtownGamer says:

Are you able to use Robin Hood or any other system before you are 18?

Kathy Cardenas says:

thank you Ricky! very helpful video

Needalifesoon says:

Over the course of watching your videos, I realized you cut penny stocks @ 2%. See I'm learning!! 🎉

your mom likes poop says:

could you make a video show us how you do a stop loss on your broker. thanks dude

Sobber says:

hey so I'm 18 years old, I've been into investing since may of last year so I'm still a little new to it. I'm currently looking at the stock owcp i found it in august last year during my first semester and school at .03 cents. its currently at .65 i was thinking of buying into it since it looks like it has potential to hit dollar amounts…i was just wondering if you could check it out and if could hear your thoughts on it if you have any. Theres a stock by the ticker AXIM that i feel had a similar pattern to what owcp is doing now. thanks in advance!

John 3/16 says:

what about day trading on Robinhood now by the stock and it's got to a point where it's going to start dropping and I sell it when they Trading

Bobby Denk says:

"…Go by a set of three rules, not holding a penny stock overnight, only trading penny stocks that have a 10% potential, and always setting a stop loss." If you're trading with an account under $25k then there is always the PDT rule. So if you don't hold a stock overnight then you must buy/sell on the same day. Do this 3 or more times in a 5 day period and you are labeled as PDT. So if you don't recommend holding a stock overnight how do you get around the PDT rule if under $25k? Also is it possible to make 2 day trades every 5 days and not be labeled as a PDT?

Leo Castro says:

Thanks for info! Three thumbs up!

Mattie Ice says:

What's the point of your buddy to your left? if he shakes his head one more time i'm going to… lol

kreteman777 says:

If you set a stop loss at 1% below your buy price you will get stopped out wayyyy to much! There's no way you make money like this. Support lines are NOT exact.

jose matos says:

whats the difference between STOP LOSS & STOP LIMIT?

Riding With MG says:

awesome thanks Ricky! have you made a video where you show how you do technical analysis and pick the stocks with potential? thanks

DJ Migs says:

why is that kid just sitting there ?

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