20 NEW Signs Of The Imminent Economic Collapse 2019 Stock Market CRASH!

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Will The Economic Collapse Happen In 2019?
I have been warning for years that the greatest and final economic collapse in this century, would be in America. Now that cracks in our great economy are widening, it’s time to prepare for the dollar crash and The Next Great Depression.

After taking an honest look at the facts, I don’t know how anyone can possibly claim that the U.S. economy is “booming”.  I really don’t.  We hear this sort of rhetoric from the mainstream media all the time, but it doesn’t make any sense. 
And as you will see in this video, the latest numbers are clearly telling us that the U.S. economy is heading for a major stock market crash and financial collapse.  Economic conditions are getting worse, and they weren’t that great to begin with.  According to the calculations that John Williams has made, the U.S. economy is already in a recession, but of course the Federal Reserve will continue to tell us that everything is just fine for as long as they possibly can. 

Unfortunately for them, they can’t hide the depressingly bad numbers that are coming in from all over the economy, and those numbers are all telling us the same thing.

As I have explained repeatedly, stock prices would need to crash by 40 or 50 percent just to get key valuation ratios back to their long-term averages. In any event, the truth is that the U.S. economy is heading for the next economic collapse. And a lot of other pundits are also pointing out that a substantial economic crisis has now begun. Unfortunately, we can’t stop the clock.  We are already more than a third of the way through 2019, and we will be into 2020 before we know it. It has been an unusual year so far, but I have a feeling that it is about to get much, much more interesting.

In this video we will show you 20 facts about the imminent economic collapse and stock market crash…


Script written by Michael Snyder: www.theeconomiccollapseblog.com

America is headed for a day of reckoning, and author Michael Snyder is sounding the alarm.  His novel about the future of America entitled “The Beginning Of The End” and his best-selling book about the end times entitled “The Rapture Verdict” are both available on Amazon.com.

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pillowjunkie5 says:

Go fuck yourself. Apocalypticism is a sickness. People have been predicting this nonsense since the late 70s. Go to a used bookstore to read all about the great crash of 82, etc etc etc. Fear porn. That’s all this is.

Reynaldo Cabarrubias says:

Once an empire reach its peak it surely gonna climb down until it taste the ground,,, remember Roman Empire?

Mark Poidvin says:

This is such BS. It is loaded with BS, but I will give you 2 examples that 1 for sure is simply a lie and the other is either a lie or a complete moron who can't read stats. This video was made to make money from clicks.

The 1st stat, mortgage apps fell 4 weeks in a row. 1st, who cares? They drop for weeks at a time then rise, happens all the time and always has. More importantly if you freeze the article, it is taken from, and read on it says apps were up 1% from the same week the year before. You have to compare a week to the same week the year before, they change by the time of year as everyone knows.

At the 20.42 mark of the video it says the # of Americans without a job is going up. Shows a graph confirming this. It went from about 60 million in 1980 to about 95 million today. Well duh! this is the number of people that are not part of the labor force, retired, sick, one parent stays home families etc…

Of course it has gone up, and funny enough by the exact % as the population has increased since 1980. The % of Americans in the labor force has barely budged. In fact when you account for the older average age today the labor force participation rate is higher than you would expect.

What a load of crap.

Pat TheHombre says:

I've been hearing / reading the same financial doom & gloom stuff for the past ten years. Can you please let me know when it actually occurs. Many thanks.

Robert Horning says:

This crash better start before Trump gets re-elected in 2020, because if not it will be even worse by 2024. He will not leave office because only he can save us. BS

tsmatula says:

I think I’m going stick my head between my legs and kiss my ass good-bye ?….this guys voice is so gay … must be a BBC reporter

Peder skram says:

Nobody asks the real question. Why spend 800 + billions in weapons and defense while there is no enemy at the horizon. Why maintaining hundreds of meaningless bases around the world. Yes I know, the government seems to convince Americans that China and Russia are looking into taking over the world. But it was never the case before Trump pulled out of signed agreements about reduction and control of armaments in the first place. Besides, Russians and Chinese are not interested in waging war against the US. Now the nail that is gonna close this casket is the trade war. Are you aware that Trump is actually waging an economic war against the whole world ? .Even the allies are stunned. The only country which is glad is Israel and the Americans are pouring billions in their economy. Did you know that the Zionist state is better off than the US. Their economy is booming. They have free health care, a low unemployed rate And yet, you still pouring billions thatMr and Mrs Jones could use to get off the poverty and have a decent meal and a better health care. American infrastructures are basically in a very bad shape. The large companies don't pay taxes, the rich are getting richer and Mr and Mrs Jones are relying on food stamps before they lay down to rest for lack of medicin. Now that Trump squeezed the rest of the world, this will cause the latter to dismiss the dollar and use another currency. Meaning, the federal bank will print dollars that are far less worth than the paper it's printed on.
Cutting the US from the rest of the world is not a smart idea from a man who filed for bankrupcy so many times. This is not a TV show. This is for real folks. If you cannot admit it and do something about it, then I'm afraid you are doomed.
Ask yourself why people around the world are fed up with the US hegemony and warmonging. Why people are starting to hate America- not the people but the insane governments and the AIPAC suggestions to wage wars on countries that most Americans have never heard of.
Some of you are gonna criticize my point of view and. Well then, tell me what is wrong then ?

Curious Person says:

what is happening todays world?
corporates wants more robots to work but need more consumer to sell.
for people, less jobs & more expenses so go for simple life avoid instagram fake life.
stay single is great option. this planet can` t bear more humans it is already suffering everyday.

K. Ganesan Ganesan says:

Petrochemicals, Gold based Industries permanently shut down.

Stacey Moore says:

The department stores closing are NOT Trump's fault!!! People are buying online from Amazon, Wayfair, etc. This has nothing to do with trump!!
As far as Facebook losing money or ratings that pay their bills, this is due to people realizing that Facebook is owned and backed by leftist ideologues who feel the need to censor right wing ideologies who just want America first and feel the constitution allows everyone to voice their opinions based on their knowledge and statistics. A lot of conservatives who are advocates for free speech and are against illegal immigration have either been banned from you tube and or Facebook. Not to mention everytime Twitter sees a conservative posting something regarding platforms enabling people to communicate healthy dialogue they get shut down. Twitter is anti free speech. These things are not trump's fault. This was going on way before trump became the president. Thanks in advance ?✌

Peter D says:

Yeah, the same guys who were telling us it was all going to crash and burn 10+ years ago. If you took their advice then, you missed the biggest bull-run since ever. It's like saying every year that the Packers are going to win the Superbowl. You might be right one day, but there's a lot of losing bets until then. Open-ended predictions are useless.

Bill William says:

If you call illegals Americans unemployed.

Bill William says:

Sound's more like an anti Trump video to me

Hu Jiaming says:

Damn good words sir.

Val Restaino says:

Consumers are exhausted and burnt out from pressure to buy and consume more with these commercials. the pig cant eat anymore so it will collapse.

kubush says:

What's up with the bullshit math regarding the labor force? You can't just add the unemployed with the number of people out of the labor force, since those numbers overlap. Not to mention the labor force number includes retirees, students, disabled, etc.. You can't look at all the baby boomers retiring and then pretend like that's a big sign that people that want to work, can't find work.

Robert Riness says:

Complete BS…. these people know nothing or are getting paid to lie.

royston mason says:

yeah cvs is closing buttloads of stores ~

Tim Herald says:

As you all flee north from the collapse of your country, please load up on chocolate and beef jerky.
I'll be hungry when I'm done with you.

RM Azim says:

Donald Trump will go down in History as Architect of the Ruin of the Economy of U.S.A and in the bargain the World Economy.Thereafter Trump can merrily move around the World in Harley Davidson Mobike.

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