$20 to $750 In One Hour Trading Boeing Stock – Weekly Option Trading Strategy – How To Trade Options

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Quick lesson on my weekly option trading strategy with an example from last week turning $20 to $750 in a few hours trading Boeing stock options. The key points to this is understanding not only how risky weekly options are, but the timing, fiscal management and what type of stock movements make weekly options more favorable on Fridays. I am showing this because a lot of people traded it and saw me do this live, so I want to highlight some of the intricasies. I also am doing this to capture people’s attention on the power of trading options. This doesn’t happen everyday and is extremely risky, but you can at least see what is possible. Consult with a financial professional before investing, I am awful at trading and only lose money, so be smart.

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DISCLAIMER: These videos are for educational purposes only. Nothing in this video should be construed as financial advice or a recommendation to buy or sell any sort of security or investment. Consult with a professional financial advisor before making any financial decisions. Investing in general and options trading especially is risky and has the potential for one to lose most or all of their initial investment


Stock Market Live says:

This is the live channel for those who haven’t subscribed yet. The recap of this trade in real time can be found in the videos! Live everyday 30 mins before open!

Chris C says:

Playing Catch up but I see and know what you are doing!! LETS GOOOO BABIIIII!!!!

BankDirect New Zealand says:

hi everyone success is great come to us at tubor option

BankDirect New Zealand says:

hi everyone success is the come to tubor option

Cassie and Alee says:

hi, do you ussually buy contract close to the current price of stocks or something farther? thanks

Cassie and Alee says:

hi, how important the break even price in finding a good deal for the price ?

Marshall Hale says:

Im a complete noob. If the Boeing stock is 360 how is he buying for 20 and making 750? Is he buying only a fraction of a share? Forgive my ignorance

Hope4Today9 Now says:

This Video has Real Trading Information (Ctrl+D good reference)

Gage Brown says:

another dope video, keep em comin man. I haven't been trading much lately. peaks and valleys… currently in a valley lol slowly crawling out though.

Bryant Walker says:

Played a put spread on Boeing for instant returns

Justin Rodriguez says:

I found out about options two weeks ago. I'm a freshman in college with a $2,500 account on Robinhood. My idiot self bought like 30 Call contracts of SNAP of Friday thinking it was going to keep rising, and it dropped ;-;. I'm down like $600. Someone slap me please. The contract expires on Mar 22 though so I 'm hoping it goes back to my favor.

chuck c says:

Thank you for attaching the live stream from your other channel that showed your trade that was accurate and very well timed .. Incredible to see a very cheap position 25X .. In the live stream.. awsome . 100x thumbs up

Curious George says:

Great play, I joined the live stream shortly after you made the play, I may have "mirrored" ya on it. Lol.

Colby Borchardt says:

hello Trading Fraternity! what web sight can i find breaking news on stocks like insiders buying, positive/negative news etc?

The Entrepreneur Channel says:

Great Trade! I saw this on the stream but gotta help that algorithm for you! ha

Mr Derfenstien says:

Lets be real. You got lucky with news on BA. You were in at 9:55am. It cracked LOD and was on its way to being 100% loss. But then BA announed software update at 11:00am and gave you a gift. Taking the trade after the news to HOD would've been more impressive.

chuck c says:

Josh your great with content !! .. I wish you live stream those plays so your Fans could decide to shadow trade your moves .. It seems like your not streaming on Fridays to focus cheap decayed stock option opportunities

bryandicom323 says:

Ooorrrddaaaahhh!!! Let's get this bread on Monday brodie!!

Visionary Action says:

I’ve day and swing traded for a year and a half, but I’ve stayed away from options, because I know nothing about them. Can someone summarize the gist of options?

T5yll4 says:

I've really been enjoying your content. I really like how you talk about overpaying for contracts and I'd like to pick your brain on that content. How do you actually determine if a contract is worth the money? Are you just basing this on volatility?

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