$2,000 Day Trading 06-29-18

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http://www.oiltradingacademy.com, a very easy and simple day on Friday using the Codes. This trade was of course called out in advance about 8 hours before it would happen within my charting service. With the use of the charting service you can ace trades like this and this is what the charting service was created for. As you can see there is no trading system in the world that can even come close to comparing to using the codes. I hope all of you code traders hit the trade today and especially all of you charting subscribers, you should have easily hit the trade today just like I have. I hope all of you have a great weekend and I’ll see you for some more trading on Monday using the codes. The charting has been completed for this week and the game plan is ready within the charting service. See you for Monday’s trading…..David

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Royce Black says:

Can you tell a bit about your life in Thailand ? Vlog type of thingy

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