$2000 Profit In 30 Minutes Day Trading Stocks Live

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SPY Options Trading says:

Great trading! But why not trade options instead???

Doc Green says:

How do I access the live trading room, love the content

Lynn maria says:

mike is a master trader , got my weekly profit today

Elaine Woods says:

y'all should contact kellycyrusco @gmail and do some real trading

Stock Market Guide says:

Love the live vids!!!!!!!

Mobb Boy Dre says:

Did you start off with a small account

Chris VanSlyke says:

Conor can I ask what kind of video card you have? I've got NVS 810 with GPU 4 GB RAM with 6 monitors Icore 7 32GB ram on the main comp but my think or swim is slow to chart. The candles update every 5 seconds which sucks with the fast movers. I contacted ToS technical support they said it's my video card it hits 100% GPU but usually runs 35%. I shut down a bunch of charts and it helped so I think they were right. That card was about $750 but I might have to get a faster card. You can use 2 of the Nvidia GTX cards simultaneously and they sync . I like how fast your tos is …..like it should be. Great job trading!

Kyle Carman says:

All them $5,000 subscriptions is why he can buy 200,000 at a time. I like WT, but they’re definitely not geared toward the average person.

Kyle Carman says:

Lol at the warrior trading comment. 200,000 shares, please. Can I borrow 5 grand to join his class? Jp.. I’d like to join the Boiler room course, though.

Zach AAE says:

Made a little over 200$ today. ANY was solid for me

Nightcrawler InMotion says:

Dude, this is EPIC! I'm learning everyday you post. Thank you

Benny G says:

lmaoooo warrior trading probably got in any with 200.000 shares and rode it up …..100% its gonna be on his video today

Michael Paul says:

Hey love the content! Can you explain why you do market trades instead of buying and selling at the ask and bid?

Siraj Muhammad says:

Can you make a video on how you use trade ideas

Jose Burgos says:

Great advice to that trader on your chat room. If i was up 5 thousand on the day. I am for sure shutting it down and enjoying the rest of the rest. Great job today Conner.

Stuart Ferguson says:

You were only holding 50 shares on Nvidia right? Either way, thanks for uploading. Trying to learn anything I can.

Edit: okay it seems you realized that you sold 50 at $140.

Boardgame Knight says:

Dude, you KILLED it today! So sad I missed trading with you guys this morning. This video has gotten me all fired up for tomorrow though.

Manuel Del Valle says:

Just like I taught you Ross. Good job.

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