$2000 Profit Potential | How We Find The Best Penny Stocks

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LJ Severan says:

Great video Ricky!

Larry Finklestein says:

Don't buy anything UNLESS YOU SEE VALUE. You can still enjoy watching Ricky as he goes through the proper technical analysis process and looks at the things you should take into consideration like Volume, RSI, MACD. SMA. levels, resistance, past history, etc.

Colton Crenshaw says:

It will really be helpful if you made a starting with 100 dollars in robin hood video thanks!

Jay Jay says:

hey ricky how come you do live trading but i never see your screen actually place your trade

brando aguilera says:

have a safe trip back Rick, good video!

mathieu white says:

Great video as usual.
What Trading software do you use?

Nesquik G says:

I'm about to make a facebook just to join your group ._.

salvador reyes says:

Hello Ricky new to the videos! You seem cool! what tools are you using for day trading? My E*TRADE account doesn't work well for day trading.

Aldwin Loquillano says:

Thanks Ricky! Please making more videos, the more videos I watch, the more exposed I am to the market and analysis of stocks. You're my go-to, my right hand when it comes to stocks on youtube. Shoutout to techbud solutions for helping me out as well!

Brian Shelton says:

Thanks Ricky!

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