2016 World Market Crash 2008 Market Crash and 1929 Stock Market Crash

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Looking at and Understanding the World Stock Market Crash of 2016 Global Market Crash of 2008 and the Stock Market Crash of1929
Truth About End Times Who is the False Prophet and Anti-Christ

Other Video from 2008 called North American Trade Union | Superhighway NWO

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BodaBoom BigAl says:

It's all by design!

BodaBoom BigAl says:

From the 2008 debacle the bankers were able to get legislation that now puts their losses on us the Americans. Soon we will have bail-ins, legalized theft of our money from bank accounts!

JesusLovesYou says:

You look great with long hair! your truth is exactly that, so many will just not listen though, I've been in the money business most of my life and people just zone out when you try to explain money things to and just let anybody tell them what to do with it except to warn of impending danger for their pocketbooks. You are a sweetheart, it is obvious you are a child of God and know Him! God Bless You dear brother, your sis rebecca

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