2017 Economic Collapse & Stock Market Crash – Dancing With The Devil – The Pending Implosion

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ANYONE currently invested in the Stock Market is Dancing with the Devil.The Stock Market closed at its HIGHEST LEVELS EVER! This is actually not a good thing, as the bubble is going to pop sooner rather than later – and crash incredibly hard. It is a mathematical certainty that the stock market will crash. In fact, the stock market is literally rigged, and fraudulent.


Bright Insight says:

Hi everyone, thanks for watching! Be sure to watch my video on the Truth being Stranger than Fiction – Our Age of Deception Exposed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cnymn2CmiJE
Something else that I meant to mention in this video is the outstanding student loan debt. It's insane. That will absolutely play a part in this. Additionally, there is currently more DEBT in the world, than MONEY that exists. Think of the implications of that. Lastly, i noticed when I watched this that I stated that "most people" work for publicly traded companies…which is actually inaccurate – most people work for small businesses. Something else to clarify is my comments at the end about industries that thrive during economic downturns. (I mentioned debt consolidators and hospice care – however, debt COLLECTORS and senior living establishments are really at the front of the line). Hopefully the next economic "downturn" isn't quite as catastrophic as many are predicting :/ – Jimmy

Siege gameplay385 says:

Bro love ur vids I watch them everyday. You cover most topics from ancient astronaut theory's to ancient technology to every day to day struggles and corruption of world leaders, just awesome bro real awesome.

JM MJ says:

Finally someone is saying it out loud

Touch of Gray says:

This video didn't age well

KRB HI says:

I love it how the average person was so antagonistic against the market when it was low and all through the Obama era, but now that it's soaring they want to get in on the action. That's literally the exact OPPOSITE of what you're supposed to do. In 2008 when the Real Estate and Stock market crashed the rich were like "what else can I buy" but your average slob was crying that they couldn't get ahead because of the bad economy – "Thanks Obama!". Now the poor unsophisticated slobs see the market go up and think "Hey I'll buy when the market is doing well." Meanwhile the rich are planning their exit strategy that will transfer more of Joe Slob's money to their pockets.

Ricardo Nuñez C. says:

again, right on..excellent info and content and very well explained..cheers!

Beam Me Up says:

The whole system IS RIGGED….and there's nothing anyone can do about it.
My philosophy?
It's their world, I'm just passing through on my way to a better place.
Good Luck with your own journey!!!

Terry Thomas says:

Well, I used to talk just like you but then I begin to realize that things are so rigged that I think they can keep this Ponzi scheme going forever. Quantitative easing will save us again and again. So buy some stocks, its a sure thing. Trust me.

investigate 3/11 says:

Entertaining video, that's it. False facts and turns out nothing happened, because you underestimate us

william gilmore says:

what about bonds? i have a little over $1,000 (which is peanuts to most, but alot to me)a friend works for a company that has bond accounts that are returning approximately 4% interest(much more than passbook savings).what are your thoughts? FYI, i do understand the FRN being like monopoly money.

Mr. Mr Smith says:

Thanks Jimmy, brutally true.

Ted cox says:

The stock market it a scam where the rich manipulate the market as they monitor 401K concentrations. They sold long and bought short throughout the 2008 crash and it came out of 401K balances. There is software available that monitors all of our 401K accounts. My 401K was decimated during the crash. They took my money and put it in their pockets. But, go ahead there's not a damn thing you can do about it anyway.

Sir Percival says:

Look at the price of Silver …….Who is holding it down???   Forty pieces used to be worth something!

HeAdO says:

I'd sell my wallmart shares aswell, god bless the internet. 🙂 The word around the internet is that stock trading is a game where the patient rips of the fearful, impatient etc.

Spencer Bibb says:

Why are you so hateful to those who earn lots of money?

Spencer Bibb says:

Such a trump hater

DR 1015 says:

So true.
I have my degree in finance, and all through school I was thinking – this is a scam.

Pedro Molina says:

@brightinsight can you do a video about bitcoin & litecoin.

GiarkReleos says:

You came to your conclusion too quickly, the Tax Plan will accelerate the market correction.      notice that during this last year, the wall street has been booming while the US dollar has been losing value!

David Pattemore says:

Every year,stock market crash imminent,,,end of world next year etc

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