2017 Stock Market Crash, Economic Collapse

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2017 Economic & Stock Market Collapse

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There are numerous warning signs for the stock market and economy right now. Between the auto-loan bubble, to the retail decline, investors should be getting more and more worried.

Expect to see the Federal Reserve increase interest rates, although they will only do it once or twice more this year. After that, as economic date points keep coming in weak, the FED will reverse course, and will start dropping rates again.

You can profit and benefit from the coming recession and stock market correction. There are types of investments which will soar in spite of, and in many cases because of, any of the detrimental events we are anticipating.

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Kristy Niederkorn says:

Far too many lawyers and legalities in the U.S.A who created this "economic" mess. Since you are not allowed to own anything in this country (but your actions) be thankful for what you do have that hasn't already been devalued, swindled or manipulated into someone else pocket book. Beware of greed and ego. When greed exceeds the fear….disaster is near. "A rich man is but a poor man with money"—W.C. Fields. Kindly

C romana says:

Everything is different now that money is no longer printed, just numbers entered in computers…as though they mean nothing. Labor is no longer associated with that money. As Catherine A Fitts says, the bankers are harvesting the people.

T Hyslop says:

Golly, I have been trying to wrap my mind around this economy for years now. None of the metrics make sense from a valuation standpoint. I have, studied, read, calculated and analyzed virtual mountains of data from papers, to hedgies takes, investment newsletters and economic reports to prospectus' sitting right in front of me. Who can get clarity to this purposeful CONFUSION?

As a result I am diversified all over the map trying to protect myself. For once I believe I had an epiphany, particularly on the whole debate of inflation v deflation. In a moment of clarity, a momentary glimpse thru the fog the glimpse I see is major deflationary headwinds.

The Fed will obfucscate ,delay and bluff until the last possible moment until the beginning of helicopter money. I plan on reallocating accordingly. I admit I was on the inflationary side of the fence, but now I see deflation, then inflation.

Ghoul Princess says:

I have been wanting to learn about stocks and found your videos. Very informative. I'm currently reading a book called "Understanding stocks" and I'm going to read your penny stock but after I'm done. Thanks!

zurita42 says:

I need a mentor!!!!

bluewarrior911 says:

Thanks for your honesty Peter. This morning I overheard a pundit of a mainstream morning show (not a financial one) saying that everyone who is not in the stock market is crazy and should have their head examined. I remember the fake news saying the same thing just before the 2008 – 2009 collapse. It's the same script every time.

Harry Kiralfy Broe says:

The CB's will just print more money. Extend and pretend. A Minsky meltdown, maybe!?

BadCow says:

Man I can see it coming, and right when I'm about to retire from a 31 year career. All I can do is try to protect my 401k by changing my asset mix. The question is, when to react? Too soon and I lose potential gains, too late and, well we know that means. WOW. Oh well, some things we just can't control.

Lady pilliwick says:

welcome to the world of reality. …lol. we never got out of the recession of 2008….about a year ago we went full depression.
the working wage is the same as 2000….infation has been at 3% for the last 17 years… the list goes on and on
what's bringing the whole thing down is. DEBT
3 big banks just bit the dust…Canada…Spain Popular..and Greece. this week
the QE4 would have to be 20 trillion dollars……don't think it's going to happen
a very large Australian hedge fund gave all its money back to its
investors and told em to dig in
There's a good chance that Bitcoin could become a second currency in the US
I say get out of debt. ..buy silver eagles.
I think we might have 8 months before it gets really bad
good video. ..welcome to the club

kreteman777 says:

You're sounding more and more like Peter Schiff. Although he was way to early on his calls.

Search for Uhuru says:

I have a house in the city of Atlanta, values are increasing rapidly when should I flip soon or hold?

Bachaayar Yasharahla says:

Recession? I was raised in the inner city Peter, this country has been in a depression sense 1971 when it went off the gold standard.

foodnetworks says:

thanks pete. do you think the housing market will crash again . will we see another 2009 crash

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