2017 Trader And Investor Summit Recap

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The 10th Annual Trader & Investor Summit was our biggest ever with over 700 attendees from 20+ countries…Tim also got his new McLaren delivered during the conference too!


Chia Lor says:

This is a motivating video here. Your business has grown greatly since 2012. Looked into StockToTrade wishing one day you could trade from it and just use it as a platform.

Chaijuana Snow says:

AH ! This is amazing ! Great Vid

Kulvir Singh says:

Yes your vedios inspire me alot

Cool Jack says:


sick sessions says:

Nice production Tim. And wanted to be there, thank you for the invite.
At the time, other opportunities arose that really had me making a decision (which one). However, I new both offer tremendous stepping stones in taking me closer to my dreams. Tim Sykes you fucking rock dude.

ahmed liban says:

Such a great video of Tim. Thank you very much for that love to help others out there to be successful. 👌

Htoo Thaw says:

the Question is How, The Answer is Study. that all it take.

Anupam C says:

you are my inspiration Tim!

Seth A says:

Jealous I couldn't make it. Maybe you'll come to the north east to Boston, MA?! Keep doing you!

Human says:

Thanx Tim. Great reminder(s) & encouragement.

Jessie Abanil says:

You rock Tim!!

waddell says:

Very motivational! thank you Tim!

Diego Chavez says:

Michaael goode, first Onlinr Hater

MyDeArmAsTeR1 says:

Triforce had an OK presentation ALRIGHT

Dobrin Alexandrov says:

I'm inspired !

Lorenzo TARATI says:

Man this is inspiring. A man who changes lives like this, fighting for what he knows to be true, having witnesses behind him is truly more than just a man. The truth though is that he is man like me. You rock bro.

Jorgito1121 says:

Great video 👏👏👏

Kevin Yang says:

great videos i'll keep following you step

Adam Peidlow says:

I’ve been sold on Sykes, but he somehow just made me more motivated with this one. #nodaysoff

ace360seal says:

Where can i sign up

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