2018 Crash? This is What a Pre-Crash Market Looks Like

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The only other times in our history when stock prices have been this high relative to earnings, a horrifying stock market crash has always followed.

Will things be different for us this time? We shall see, but without a doubt this is what a pre-crash market looks like. This current bubble has been based on irrational euphoria that has been fueled by relentless central bank intervention, but now global central banks are removing the artificial life support in unison. Meanwhile, the real economy continues to stumble along very unevenly. This is the longest that the U.S. has ever gone without a year in which the economy grew by at least 3 percent, and many believe that the next recession is very close. Stock prices cannot stay completely disconnected from economic reality forever, and once the bubble bursts the pain is going to be unlike anything that we have ever seen before.

Source: https://goo.gl/gzvqMN


parkerbohnn says:

One of the longest bear market rallies in history.

Ugly Truthist says:

Get rid of the computer voice. Can't fuckin stand it. Down-voted.

Ricky Woods says:

When someone does not believe in God, he or she sets self up as a god; with a little "g". And you can predict the future from the past, but only God can predict the future without a past!

Double Jai says:

It will crash in 2025. Long sp500, long nasdaq.

Roslyn Decanio says:

I hate the robotic voice. Can't you supply a real one? Otherwise good video.

Ricky Woods says:

America will not come back from the next crash; God is behind the coming collapse of America and the world.

William Rodgers says:

Wont crash….hyper inflation

Gene Baugh BBA says:

This chart is old. Add 7 or 8 hundred points to the SPX and things don't look so pattern like anymore.

John Kunkle says:

This is almost the classic head and shoulders pattern that indicates a "top" in technical analysis. The only difference is the right shoulder is higher than the head. However, such distortions occur when the FED gets into market meddling. Central banks are the big whales in the financial markets and they have made sure that the coming correction will be a lot worse than any correction that would have occurred naturally. That just allows for the largest wealth transfer in history for those who are positioned to take advantage of the inevitable consequences.

luis hernandez says:

I don't want to listen to a computer.show your face you scarycat.

john stetson says:

The eerie robot voice gotta go its the shit tinfoil hat conspiracy theories

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