2018’s stock market gains wiped out

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The gloom-and-doom on Wall Street has wiped out the stock market’s gains for the year.
The Dow dropped 552 points, or 2.2%. Plunging retailers like Target and Kohl’s led the S&P 500 1.8% lower.
Tech stocks once again got hit hard, with the Nasdaq sinking 1.7%. Apple retreated another 5% after Goldman Sachs dimmed its price target on the iPhone maker for the second time in a week.
All three major indexes have given up their gains on the year. The Dow is nearly 2,500 points off its peak.
The Dow lost nearly 400 points on Monday as well. This week’s sell-off marks a continuation of a glum two months on Wall Street. The S&P 500 is down nearly 10% from its record high, flirting with official correction territory.
The losses have been sparked by a flurry of concerns about everything from higher interest rates and crashing oil prices to the US-China trade war. But the overarching theme is that investors are bracing for the end of the fantastic economic and profit growth that marked the past year. Analysts expect a deceleration in 2019 driven by tariffs, the fading impact of the tax cuts and higher borrowing costs caused by the Federal Reserve.

MORE ON THE STORY: https://www.cnn.com/2018/11/20/investing/why-dow-dropped/index.html

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davidsbeast1 says:

The fed runs the whole dollar system. What are you talking about they dont want the blame on them!? They are the market makers

Eta Five says:

Trump as president= reason market is dropping…. Makes sense. Not like the market dropping is a normal thing that happens at least once every century. The market will rise in a month or less.

Twistar Gaming says:

The Democratic party took the house. Because they out to kill the Market by defining Trump. Me and others ether pulled our money or moved it.

Don M says:

Most of America doesn't care. Most of America doesn't own stocks.

How to get rich from stocks says:

The correction has only started. There is more to come.

S.j. sparber says:

Obama and Clinton were the Biggest Capitalists this country has ever seen! Mr.Bloomberg increased his fortune by 45 billion under Obama! How about Buddy Bezos your friend?

S.j. sparber says:

Let's face it;Freemason Governance is AMAZING!!! Even Murderous to the destitute!

S.j. sparber says:

Would you like to bet that 12/31/19 the Dow will be at 30,000? You are sickeningly biased!

eagle team says:

The left makes the world suck shit , fuckers !!!!!

Heavygusto says:

The best part of this is the Hunter S Thompson reference. Hurry up and burn, market.

Doug Life says:

Party's over.

Lord Tutinean says:

Well DAMN!!!

alaoui abdou says:

It's definitely because of the obstructionist democrats fault,the market will get over it the Republicans are here to fix it??

Major Flavors California says:

Idc I don’t own stocks in the market.

midnighfairy says:

The downfall of the market is called the Pelosi-plunge 2018

jiner666 says:

Cnn gobbles globalist nasty fat cock

plutorama says:

LMAO Dude’s trying REALLY hard not to park his eyes on the girl’s legs. He’ll take a peek, then resolve it with an agreeable nod as he pulls his gaze away from her. To be fair, that dress is VERY low cut.

Chris McMahon says:

Where does that spiral staircase go to?

Azee Gates says:

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Jim Robeson says:

How is it possible the stock market sky rockets to all time highs job increasesto crazy greatness then Lee's than a month after the democrats take over things are going back to all time lows good luck America this sucks things just got good now we as Americans are doing dumb things again we do it to ourselves we voted for this mess to come back and here it comes by2019 well have a recession again and blame game starts all over we are one of the riches countries yet we have people as poor as central Americans fighting to get ahead ridiculous bla bla bla

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