[2019] SAFEGUARD YOUR WEALTH: The “LIVE” Gold & Silver Strategy Event -by ITM Trading & Lynette Zang

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Replace Financial Fear with 100% Confidence for 2019…Register for the Strategy Event Now: https://www.ITMtradingEvents.com

An Exclusive Strategy Workshop For Accredited Investors, presented by ITM Trading & Lynette Zang

This Event is for You If:

– You’re a High-Level/Strategic-Investor who fully understands the Economic Risks ahead.

– Your Private Money Manager has not informed you of any of these risks, nor have they given you Proper Strategies to remedy them.

– You know the best way to Protect your dollars is to insure them with (or Increase Diversification to) precious metals.

– You know “what” to do, but you are unsure of the Safest Strategy for “how” to do it.

Learn More and register today at https://www.itmtradingevents.com

What will you learn?

Wealth Protection: How do you create an insurance policy for the wealth you already have, and what types of metals are best for securing your assets in 2019?

Sustained Living: How do you create a sustainable plan for the future? Because moving into this next scenario with no plan, is planning to fail.

Opportunity Positioning: How do you leverage your wealth, so you can take advantages of the opportunities that are currently available in this next Wealth Transfer?

Legacy Building: How do you leave your mark, so your wealth is still making a difference long after you’re gone?

Learn More and register now at https://www.itmtradingevents.com

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DebbyAbqNM says:

Well, Scottsdale should be fairly warm in early February… no clue about airports that one would fly out of to get to Arizona though.

Chip Seal says:

Perhaps you can find a pace for this humorous comment during your event; "We will see more clearly the present economic situation next year… You know, in 20 20!"


My personal safe guards…1. Keep less than 10K in any bank! 2. Pay off Debt as much as Possible!!! 3. Stack P.M.'s Great store of wealth!! 4. Prep. Enough goods Anywhere from 30 days to 6 months! Depending on what you can afford. 5. Invest in Hard assets Anything from Land to Guns! 6. Stay healthy Exercise several times a week. 7. Learn New things! 8. Keep anywhere from 2 to 6 months of Cash on hand. :)))

Hariadi Setjo says:

The new style is really good, and still amazing content. Thanks a lot!

J Boreal says:

The fiat confetti dollar is at risk? Banks and the Corporations do not have our interests at heart? NOOOO! It's not True! They would never disenfranchise the little guy! As rich and powerful as they are they would never EVER hurt the little guy! We can trust Wall Street and the banks and the GOVERNMENT they will help us!

John Doe says:

Can the price be known w/o first giving-up personal info?

wayne mcclory says:

Scratch Tickets is how ! Well that’s what you are buying for all the people on welfare. This is the truth because I worked in a city and towns of Massachusetts for 40 years. I was in every home and Biz so I am speaking truth to power , as much as I HATE the phrase. All brought to you by the Democrats.?

Dave P says:

I want that $50k/ oz gold Jim Willie keeps telling me about. LOL

Vicki Ragland says:

wish I could come.

ITM Trading says:

Register now before it fills up! https://www.itmtradingevents.com

Michael Mortellaro says:

Hello All !!! Keep Stacking !!!

CDog 5150 says:

Hi, Lynette.

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