2020 Market Crash – Why the worst is yet to come…

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There is a lot of optimism in the markets right now.
While many believe in a V-shaped economic recovery, the data tells me that things will get worse before they get better.
Are you over-exposed? Do you need to rebalance?
In this video I will unpack a number of reasons why I believe this is not the end of the 2020 Market Crash, but rather the end of the first relief rally/bull trap.
As always do your own research and stay safe out there!

If you want to take a further dive into my analysis, I explore it here: https://hartmanncapital.substack.com/p/order-in-chaos


Felix O. Hartmann says:

Hope you enjoyed this video and approach these markets with caution. We've never lived through times like these, so the only certainty is uncertainty. Leave me your thoughts 🔥🔥🔥

Marshall Weaver says:

Def agree with you. Too much craziness in the world for these markets to make sense. I think people are deluded and refuse to believe these ripples WILL happen. No one wants to admit it until its right on their doorstep. And then its too late…

555ambros says:

Wenn du diese Videos auf Deutsch machst, hast du auf einen Schlag (ohne weitere Änderungen) vmtl. zehnmal so viele Aufrufe (weil es viel weniger guten deutschsprachigen Content gibt, als englischsprachigen)… just sayin 🙂 love your content

Kristofer Chapoteau says:

Glad I saw this, so important! Well done bro!

daz lloyd says:

I feel that gold will go up in price and will only fall a small amount for a minor period of time if it falls at all. If we get a depression gold could go up a large amount. Therefore a mix of cash and gold seems the best way forward.

Nico Incognito says:

Great Job! Love your content!

predh s says:

Great Video Champ 🔥 Thanks for that Content ✅

MrSquall13 says:

Hey Felix, thank you so much for your opinion to the current economic status.
I would love to see your review for the firefighting book.
Stay safe and much love.

Ismaël GACEM says:

It doesn't make sense to me that we'll go on a downward spiral of close to infinite debt. At some point a reset has to happen, or a war, or something. As for the bankruptcies, I see it this way : if we innovate, old trees will be burnt to the ground for new trees to grow. My dream scenario is that some major corporations go under so that more of the capital goes to entrepreneurs who have a better proposition to offer. Innovation is a magnet for capital once it proves its value. So I'm hoping that there will be major innovation. But I wouldn't be surprised if things go south and we go to war, fighting for each other's resources instead of building a new economy based on exchanging value in a more balanced and healthy way than what we've been doing thanks to US imperialism

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