21 Tips for Trading Penny Stocks

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21 Tips for Trading Penny Stocks.


This is NOT trading advice

Shareholder Turnover

Shareholder turnover is of utmost importance when trading penny stocks.

Never Trust Insider Transactions

There is a lot going on with the timing and reasons for insider trading, and more often than not insiders are buying and selling at the absolute wrong times.

The trading volume is going to tell you a lot more than the share price activity of the penny stock.

Only use limit orders when trading penny stocks, as opposed to market orders.

BUY WHAT YOU KNOW: Invest in penny stocks which you understand. Call the investor relations contact at the company, ask questions. Invest your time, before you invest your money.

Penny stock picks you get for free always have hidden motivations. This even includes those you hear about through the rumor mill, or from a coworker you trust.

Only trust penny stock picks which come with a 100% Unbiased Guarantee.

The most effective way we’ve found to trade penny stocks, is to find the high-quality companies first by using extensive fundamental analysis. Only then, do we apply technical analysis, to find the best trading prices for those penny stocks.

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T Wmom says:

thank you thank you. I can finally understand. It's so hard to find a teacher for beginners even though so many market themselves as that.

Bobby Arneth says:

Great videos, and very insightful as always.

Question: How are companies not delisted when they're under $1 , according to SEC rule you would be? They can be granted a 180 days extension and can file a plea if they can pay the fees. I've yet to find anyone answer the question and seems like most people believe either it's not true or SEC doesn't care (corrupt?). Even 1 Youtuber said anyone under $5 is a penny stock and such penny stocks companies can't trade in the afterhours of 9-4pm (obviously wrong). Some example stocks that have been under $1 for over a yr for example; MNGA, FALC, CYTR. Appreciate the great videos, keep them up!

brian adams says:

Peter you are a GOD send penny stock for dummies is the best book by far I love your videos keep up the great work and say thanks to your team from me. BRIAN.

solea lewis says:

What's the difference between limit buy and market buy?

ajuani1 says:

Hi Peter! I am an international student in the US and I am learning everyday about penny stocks to start investing as soon as I am ready. I would like to ask your opinion about which is the best paper trading website to practice, and also which is the best online broker to use once I get started. Thanks!

The New Black Conservative Channel says:

Dear Mr. Leeds, what video would you recommend to a person who is completely oblivious to the market?

Fidel Valenzuela says:

Good point to keep a watch on volume (shares traded) when a stock price jumps in price. I've been caught in reversals before. No fun.

Kelly Clover says:

One thing your website and others need to talk about is unexpected situations that can crop up and how best to cut your losses when they occur and what certain stock price events actually mean. I received recommendations from 3 different Penny Stock adviser companies in my inbox which crowed about the great returns that investors in Bingo Nation stock (BLTO) had been getting. They all said additional significant gains were very likely and that this was a magnificent stock to invest in.
Guess what? They all picked an extremely wrong time to recommend the stock. Immediately after the opening bell, the stock crashed. For awhile it look as though that most of the losses would be recovered during the day. But then there was a second crash. The stock finished the day down 45% with previous investors bailing out by the truck load.
There was a somewhat similar crash a few weeks ago but most of the losses were recovered that day. But not this time!

vishwesh sanas says:

can we do penny stock scalper trading, if stock has enough volume?????

RvI2106 says:

I wish i could use medical marijuana as well to make me smart.


Peter this video ROCKED! Thank you for this and keep up the good work!

Chuck Murphey says:

Is it good idea to invest in marijuana stocks ?

Chris Moore says:

hey pete thanks for the video! i was wondering is share holder turnover a good thing?

your mom likes poop says:

what could happen if you use market orders in Penny stocks??

Cicero Araujo says:

you should have a audio book version of your book . make money on the ads of you tube

Tauseefur Rahman says:

It was so informative and you seem really a genuine guy. I just found your channel. I have started watching all your videos. Hope it will help me greatly. Thanks again!

Teddy Shepherd says:

Hi peter,
i just recently wanted to try dipping my feet in the water of penny stock. i was just wondering do you know much about the site/app RobinHood? because its free stock trading and i think eTrade charges $10 for stock trading? awesome channel btw going to watch more of your videos 🙂

Jordan says:

What do i do about order time when trading penny stocks? It takes some time for my order to go thorough with my broker (RBC Direct Investing) and im assuming that this is the same for most. When time is so crucial with penny stocks, how do I approach this? – New trader

Kevin Garrison says:

As a beginner I liked to due this butt my work employment and living expenses have bottled me up for trying this how to start with penny stock so much interested in this Kevin

Bannanas22 says:

I highly doubt you have ever dropped by at a penny stock company to see how it's doing lol.

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