24 Lakh Gone in 5 Minutes Options Trading [Hindi]

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How a trader suffered a loss of Rs 5 lakh in 5 minutes with silly mistake in his nifty options trade



STT means securities transaction tax , not stock transaction tax,. pehle khud padh stock market ke bare mein, phir ask bata…………..

Manojsaini Saini says:

sir ye Bitcoin ki trading ki video banye


it's not. 0.5paisa it's 5paisa or you can just say it as 0.05 rs and he not sold that option until expiry day market closing time and he lost 16 lacs he made also a profit of 8 lacs in 24 lacs if you remove 8 lacs it is exactly 16 lacs he lost

Gobind Bhutani says:

words used..naa future hoga naa koi option bachega….well said

subwayindians says:

what an Idiot man.
STT – Security Transaction Tax, and he's saying Stock Trading Tax. hahah.

Also the guy must have sold the OTM PUT, not bought . Wrong info

Shreya Sharma says:

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Rahul Seth says:

chutiyee ho tum admin

Sakaria vlogs says:

?????, Totally wrong ???

mangesh nagalkar says:

last dialogue of no future & no option is the best.

Vinay kumar says:

Intraday trading is suside.

Amit Gupta says:

सर आप कोई ऐसी टिक बताईये कि साल का 30% ईनकम हो जाये बिना किसी रिसक के।।।

Wasim Alam says:

wo kaha show karta hai….or kese squeroff kar shakte hai…

Wasim Alam says:

kese pata chalega wo expire hone wala hai….

raj singh says:

hi Abhishek ji,

I have seen your article sujata burla life – quite inspiring.

can u share top ten traders in India? who make a living by trading and are ready to teach others

Nitesh Poonia says:

Sir, I want to ask one thing that suppose I have only 12000 rs. in my trading account and I can buy 3000 lots of nifty with value of 0.05. because I have 12000 rs. in my account. now I got the lose of 24 lacs. but in my account there was only 12000 rs. and now I can not pay this loss then who will pay this amount?


first learn in share trading. then make video on youtube

Wilfred Monteiro says:

there's more confusion than clarity…. !

Amit Khurana says:

sir positional trading ka bare main bhi discs kare in base metal commodity

Radhe Vajrakaya says:

Abhishek Bhaiya ek baat boliye wealth banane ke liye F&O jaruri hai ya CASH Market se vv ho jyega.

cool yadav says:

wil u plz teach option futures

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