$2,500 Day Trading Emini S&P (ES) Using Code 3

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http://www.oiltradingacademy.com, using Code 3 entries on the Emini S&P (ES) Market. The ES is very popular with traders as you can control a larger amount of contracts for a cheaper price, giving you a lot of bang for you buck. The Code 3 that I discovered works very well on the ES and I’ve already gotten a lot of good feedback from Code 3 traders whom are trading the ES using the Code 3. I also find it a good instrument with both Code 3 and Code 1. I also did some Oil trading today as well and walked with 43 ticks. The market is pretty tight right now but hopefully next week it will open up for us and start to really make some moves like it normally does. Have a great weekend everyone and I’ll see you for some more Code 3 trading on more instruments. I’ll do the YM (Mini DJIA) next…….Happy Trading.

To learn more about Code 3 and the other codes click on the following link:



Buddy Ryan says:

I'm a complete noob and I completely crushed it oil 100 ticks on the day ($5,000 with 5 contracts ) couldn't sleep was up early today and hit the drop out. Once I get a code 3 signaled peek-a-boo I like a code 1 confirmation or a breakout on the next candle before jumping in. So much potential with this. I'm getting smarter with locking in, exiting, and patience. What's crazy is how good this is already and there is so much room for perfecting with code 3 in it's infancy of discovery

Andrew Zamora says:

Plan on buying code 3 this weekend, hopefully you all keep posting your success stories its making me even more excited. David, are you a firm believer that you're codes can be reliable income? Thanks

JLH says:

Hi, David. Thanks for another video!
Can you please explain what you're referring to when you mention getting multiple signals? (1:27, 7:45, etc.) Are you referring to the one minute bars?

gabriel gonzales says:

Another amazing display of the power of code 3. Can't wait to learn more about the other strategies to make the code 3 even more accurate!

Ivan M says:

Just purchased Code 3. Cant wait to start trading and make some real money. Thank you David for your knowledge.

Rick Miller says:

David maybe next week you should use your old trading room and walk thru Oil and ES with anybody that may be struggling with Code 3. Just one day nothing special. Just my two cents. 🙂

Tyrone Wingate says:

Made my first 100 tick trade today in the oil market would have made 200 but I had to to get my expired demo account reopen this morning

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