3 Charts Show Stock Market Ready to CRASH! Bank Failures, Debt, & Deflation!

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Fed to raise the bar in bank stress tests – FT.com
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20160221_short.jpg (962×504)
Restaurants-Suffer-a-Sharp-Drop-Just-Like-in-Late-2007.png (624×470)
Fannie Mae at risk of needing a bailout
Chart: Germany’s Demographic Cliff


Marilyn Shapiro says:

Now is the time for all good people to wake up and be heard!

See Canon says:

I got the book, read through it, did a review on Amazon, put the book away for safe keeping, repainted that room, lost the book, found the book and reread the book. Cycle of life. Had the book since last year and yes, David is right.

The queen of psakidity says:

Now a Canadian bullion dealer is paying interest for "holding" your gold and silver i dont know you but for me this is despair. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-02-23/shocking-twist-canadian-bullion-dealer-offers-pay-interest-gold-and-silver

nicuyliapco says:

I don't know if you'll get to read this, you asked for feedback here's mine – I chanced upon your channel searching for economic collapse videos, I don't remember when that was, but I always view or "listen" to your videos via Youtube Offline in traffic. I live in Asia, but still find your material very informative, my sister lives in Canada so your scope touches that as well. I appreciate you doing these vids. How you deliver it "very calm mild mannered" is always relaxing ahhahaha others are too amped up, I mean I get it, it's something we should be worried or consumed about, you don't need to add theatrics (even if others prefer that). Saw your face for the first time in the previous vid, man you are calming hahahahaha. Hey keep it up. God bless you.

mcamcay says:

thumb up before i start listening. i know its going to be good..lol.Cheers!!

Phil C says:

Thank you!

Everyday Athlete Training Centre says:

Hey Dave,

I enjoy all your videos and information. Here in Toronto as I am sure you know the banks are starting release their first quarter profits and BMO is up 7%.

I question when we will start to see the manifestation of these problems to the point where the average person starts to wake up. The data being released from the Canadian Banks has been all positive so far!? How can this be?

Internally Flawless says:

The restaurant chart is interesting – indicative of a collective lack of confidence amongst the middle class consumers.

tim wilkinson says:

Thanks from the UK —- Like it !!

Electrical Universal says:

fanny & Freddie  just started another 3% down mortgage plan.

Firoz Sanullah says:


Roberta Elaine Mendolia says:

At the end what are the suggestion and recommendation for the listeners.

cleo says:

Thank you.  Thumbs up!


Thanks for your work. But I am really worried about this inflation in my country, the people are not making enough!!! every day, it seems food prices go up!!! Why the ones on top can't ser what they are causing to the low levels. Very sad to watch. When!!!!!

subversive7777 says:

I wish they would just let banks crash, so we could finally get this shit over with already!!

Boston Bob says:

Keep up the good work . I appreciate the time and effort you put into your work .

Jonathan C. says:

Perfectly executed presentation. I think your viewership will continue to grow. :-)

John Barleycorn says:

Keep waking them up, appreciate your efforts.

Wayne Herman says:

Aren't we seeing the world today the same way it was pre WWII? We most certainly are. And as Germany goes so does the rest of Europe — and the world for that matter. Wake up everyone…wake up. GERMANY…GERMANY…GERMANY. I can't stress this matter more. All eyes should be on this nation. Can't you hear the war drums beating. We can not take a deflationary period. Period. MGPS is correct. The world is on the brink. But wait…doesn't the world still have the TPP? And America have the TCP? Yes to both. WOW. Woe…woe…woe to the inhabitants of the Earth. Germany; TPP and TCP.
COMMENT by Wayne Herman
P. S. Where is the BDI in all this? I know. Does anyone else?

San Tan says:

Silver might have some wild action this week. "The obvious pressure points are $1,200 for gold and $15 on silver, but silver is the more important. Silver at the moment is where the real nervousness can be found. The sellers of calls want silver to be under $15 by the end of the week. So they will pull out of their bag of tricks whatever they can do to achieve that target. They may succeed, but what will really matter is the result if they don’t keep silver capped."   http://kingworldnews.com/are-we-about-to-see-a-massive-short-squeeze-in-silver/

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