3 (INSANELY SIMPLE) Trading Tips from Penny Stock Millionaire Steven Dux

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0:05 $42,000, now what are you up to in total profits? 1.7 million

0:20 1.7 million, I love it, all my top students like, they say when Tim Grittani passed a million, he’s like, you know, I passed one. I passed one, you didn’t pass one, you passed one million. Tim Grittani is now closing in on six million.

0:40 Tim Grittani learned to trade penny stocks from others and that actually speed up his learning curves, and I learned from Tim Grittani and you, of course, to speed up my learning curve. So that’s why my success rate is a little bit faster than others.

3:15 It’s human nature, but all the best lessons, this is why I say in order to have the patience to wait for the best trade, I think of myself as a retired trader.

4:00 To be patient, I think you need to practice. Second, You can’t be too rushed to make money, like nothing comes really fast.

6:00 Do you hear this guy? I say this every day. Maybe with the soft-spoken accent, maybe that’s what it’s gonna take you to do it. My point is that when there’s no great play, most people are sad, right, they’re like, aw, there’s no great play. No, this is a good thing, this gives you more opportunity to study so that you can be better prepared for when the next play is there.

8:00 I like using different ones, like the big percent gainers area good, but also big percent gainers over three days or five days or you know, different things like that.

9:10 One tip for people watching this, your best tip. Aside from studying, aside from having patience, what’s your third tip? ‘Cause those are two big ones.

9:30 There’s a lot of examples, like us, for people who are getting successful really quick. If you wanna be successful trading penny stocks, you have to work harder than us. So, not many people can be successful in trading. Eight out of 10 people lose money.

10:30 Every single trade I go in, I have a plan. I have my risk level. If it goes up, my risk level, I cut it, and when you cut it, you have a loss, but this loss you have to be really comfortable with. So trading and the stock market are like opportunities. If you take a loss, it’s acceptable because you know you will make it back, your winning percentage is there. Always trust yourself, be confident.

11:00 This guy is so incredible, check out his new guide, we’ll post the link just below this video. Learn the rules, learn patience, understand this is a marathon, not a sprint. You will not necessarily become a millionaire like this guy within two years. Some students take longer, and that’s fine. Think about, oh, this is what I wanted to say. I’ve been saying this to a lot of students, let me know how it sounds. I say, what can you do today and tomorrow, this week and next week and this month that will serve you well over a year from now or two years from now, meaning if you make $1,000 today, it doesn’t matter a year from now. But if you make $1,000 on a trade today following a plan, and then you use that same plan with a bigger account a year from now, that $1,000 maybe a year from now might be a $10,000 profit.

12:30 That is the best point. When you have a small account, focus on learning how to grow that small account. You’re not gonna go from 1,000 to 1,000,000 all at once trading penny stocks. Try to go from 1,000 to 5,000, then 5,000 to 10,000, then 10,000 to 30,000, then 30,000 to 100,000,000. Then, once you have already proven yourself, you have the process down and you understand, it’s the same exact stuff, just with bigger positions later on.


Alpha Omega says:

If I just have one chance to sit next to Dux and watch his one trade, if Dux can do it…I can also do it!

Alpha Omega says:

I don't know how Dux did it, but I have started with 25K since Sept 2016 and until today 03/26/18, I am at 30K.


I appreciate the info. Thanks!

Cyberworld 7 - Stock Market Investing says:

My biggest problem I fail at cutting lost when I buy I think long term trading

Antonio Hawkins says:

I will be your next millionaire. You heard it here first.

Tony Hawkins

John Smith says:

Which stock did he make 42k on and which pattern was it? Thanx.

Yaroslav says:

thanks guys!! 😉

Luo V says:

Your plan to study is too expensive. Could you think about lower the price so more poor people can buy it? Nevertheless, thank you very much for the videos you put here!

9eman9 says:

Trading is very simple yet extremely difficult simply because we let emotions sabotage us, rather than thinking in probabilities as the 10% traders do.

Chris Vinh says:

Can you make more videos Steven?

Edward FX says:

Tim, Steven this kind of videos are great because I learn about the experience of both and I know how to redefine my thinking like a successful stock trader… Really thank so much both and I hope you keep uploading this kind of videos on youtube!!!

Alita Terry says:

Hi, I don’t see the link. Please post the link

xGelo HD says:

Really inspiring 🙂

Andrea Comelli says:

KISS! Cut losses, be patient and study hard but we have to say that Steven is a phenomenon! Thank you Tim & Seven!

King Cesar says:

I think OWCP is heating up. short Aphria!

Seth Fenby says:

Awesome video! Thanks for the encouragement


steven dux is a freaking machine 100k days i cant even imagine

Nam Nguyen says:

I can learn a lot from this. Starting at $2000 and grow that account to $5000. Be patient, learn the patterns, know when to cut loss. I need to take action on this.

splashdownmodels says:

Awesome Video 😉

Sterling Lowery says:

"The difference in the results that people produce, comes down to what they've done differently from others in the same situation." Tony Robbins

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