3 Lessons After Making $23,000 in 1 Month (Day Trading Stocks)

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Whenever we can learn how to be successful at day trading stocks through real life results, I’m all for it. Thanks to a day trader from my trading community sending me some of his real life profits, there are a few learning lessons we can take from it. Whether you already have lots of experience with the stock market and day trading or are someone who is just getting started as a day trader, these lessons apply to everyone. If you want to be successful at making consistent money online as a day trader, it is wise to look over the shoulder of those who are already successful with it. Let’s take a look at this member’s results and see how we can use them to better understand the world of day trading within the stock market.

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Cam Mitchell says:

Clay please put this into perspective. I feel like this is just clickbait. For a 6.94% return or $23,000 he must be trading at least $400,000 + …. For perspective a 7% return trading the DOW JONES Futures would be 7 points.! Is this really a great achievement? So again putting things into perspective, if he had a $10,000 account which is huge for most average traders and made 6.94% he would have made $694 for the MONTH! He made $23,000 because he RISKED $400,000 plus! Not trying to hate here, but people will think about making $23,000 with small amounts of money.

CapAnson12345 says:

My job keeps me on the road 60-70 hrs. a week, and always during market hours. I gotta come up with a plan.

Kristiyan Vachev says:

Clay have you ever thought about trying to use Td ameritrade? I see the no commission and I do remember you saying that you use expensive programs for graphs and trading which I believe take commission. Have you ever thought about switching or have you just becoming very comfortable with those programs you use right now?

Tom Dodson says:

Hey clay, I'm looking at becoming a day trader in the crypto space. I have spent many years watching the crypto markets and have a very good understanding it. I have been successful swing trading for a few years. I love your content and was wondering if your trading academy was appropriate for this space? Thanks!

eRa Goofy says:

How ⚡️ just learning but I know it’ll come

Lilya Dulunc says:

I didn’t know that in 1 month you can earn so much. I will try

David's Trades says:

I'm not American but it's funny when you say "mudiply"

al karg says:

Hard to follow Jose's statement from TDA. (No opens vs. closes; net sums; etc.) But can see that he carries "a big stick" compared to most/many traders, swinging $100 – $300+K principal around. If he's this good/consistent, month after month, yr over yr, he'd do even better in options trading (%-wise; ROC-wise;) IMO.
Looks like Jose "is into [AMD]" or as he might say, "AMD has been beddy-beddy good to me!" 😂😂😁😁
Am curious if he has a hot-key set up like yourself, or is just entering limit orders for an hr or so before he "goes off to work" at his 9-5 job, assuming its elsewhere than home?

Nathan Silva says:

This is bulshit I'll give you $1,000 and I bet you won't be able to ship with it

Mohammed Zakaria says:

It's not gamble.

Nicholas Perry says:

Yes you need to do more of those reviews about people that took your course !!!!!!

david renfro says:

Nice to share real live guys!!!.. mine is not green enough to include these lessons!!! I would be full time job and down 34 percent. Stepping back for more live practice paper accounts. Know my ACTUAL mistakes so just time to beat in the fix!!!

Calvin Helms says:

I do enjoy hearing of traders having a good day/month.i do plan to join your lesson plan in the future.

Jr says:

Love your content clay, very inspiring.i plan on joining your community very soon. Just trying to figure out what platform I want to trade with. Currently have TDA thinkorswim but the response time is not where it should be for day trading. Possibly going with webull.

João Paulo Natanael says:


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