3 Reasons Beginner Traders Should Avoid WEED Penny Stocks

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Due to the trending topic of “weed stocks” here are 3 reasons beginner traders should avoid weed penny stocks!

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Arpita Bhattacharya says:

Ricky can you please talk bout BINARY OPTION TRADING PLEASE!!

Bobby Jewell says:

I bought TLRY at $149 and rode it to $300 that day. It halted 5 times. I couldn't get out fast enough but still made 52% profit that day. It was insane. However, Ricky is right, if you're a new trader, leave the weed alone or you'll get smoked. Stick to value stocks starting out. Good call young man.

Tanner Dunkle says:

RIcky is correct in one aspect of this video…and that is the day trading tech side of it. Weed stock can be day traded and money can be made. But weed stock at this point should be looked at in a fundamental aspect for the long term. You can not compare the 2 giants ACB and CGC to just about anyone else in the weed stock. These companies have good foundations and are long term….6 months to 5 year holds…maybe even longer.

DemiGod says:

Facts…i used a virtual investment app to invest in cannopy and my investment just kept falling ?

Its common sense tho because weed companies in america cannot legally bank thier cash!

If i could invest in canadas weed industry…it would be great

I usually invest in companies that i use….like Take two interactive..(Rockstar Games)

Ive always came up 25% with them

Smoke Staxx says:

Dont get caught up in FOLO when it comes to using your money for investing.

Dekayale Barney says:

Haha i think he is flippin coins in these on the lowdown ha. I personally think his channel is a market manipulation all together ha you buy when he buys and you sell when he sells… He knows ur pumpin ur portions every morning dont be stupid folks..

Cutt Thoatish says:

Ive lost 1500 over the past 6 months in "weed" stocks.

Gregg Moses says:

Im a long term investor so I disagree

Sean Crosby says:

I was a new investor who made 5000 dollars over the course of 2 months….and then i lost 3000 in about 2 days after the legalization lmao,

Samee - Student Entrepreneur/Trader says:

trading and actually buying the stock to hold is very different. im a forex trader mainly but end of the day if you have you risk managed and you have a setup that follows your strategy it should not matter what asset class or product you are trading.

Bart vanWagenveld says:

did you become rich because of the stock market?

Suzette Campo says:

Just like any stock risk management is important.. the cannabis industry IS rising tho .. because it’s being legalized in alot of places . Penny stocks i discourage cannabis stocks i won’t discourage.. its the same homework you have to do if you triage , DGAZ, JNUG etc etc …

Departures Capital says:

I cover the Cannabis market daily and this is great advice!!

Weird Uploads says:

O yeah
I am a beginner. Lol

Weird Uploads says:

These stocks will jump in 2022, so it's a huge taxable income for the government, and the feds regulate the whole thing. Ive already made over $350 on CGC and ACB.

Arthur Thaete says:

As long as there is money to be made take the opportunity I have doubled my investment sin Canadian marijuana companies

Jonathan Azor says:

u had me at it's a bad idea for beginners

tsnewhart says:

The challenge is what constitutes a “beginner trader”? If you work your way through Ricky’s voluminous content, then paper trade until you have a threshold win/loss ratio (with proper risk management even losing 60% of your trades is, over time, surprising profitable), there is NO WAY you’re a beginner trader. You just see the charts differently than when the noob you started out. It’s weird. It’s like your vision somehow changes. You see things on charts MUCH more clearly and can easily balance that with educated cynicism. That’s a fabulous combination. You become a warrior. The point is, if you go through the trudge of learning, and paper practicing, the standard techniques (e.g. Ricky’s approach which works reasonably well), allow profiting, sometimes handsomely, from cannabis equities as they are basically just like any other equity albeit with a rougher signal-to-noise ratio and typically faster velocities (Stops people…STOPS!). Do the upfront work, then have some fun with your ‘new eyes’.

Billythekidd52188 says:


SUΔ says:

Didn’t cannabis stocks shoot up after Jeff Sessions got fired

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