3 Reasons Why You Should Trade | Coffee With Markus Episode 82

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What’s Happening In The Markets: 2:20
3 Reasons Why You Should Trade: 5:07
Deep Dive Q&A: 23:41

As the story has gone lately, stocks keep going up. The S&P 500 is making another record high again today.

So what has been driving this crazy rally? Well first off, the economic data this week has come out largely better than expected.

A few other things that have been driving the markets higher is the fact we’re wrapping up earnings season. Right now 98% of the companies have already reported and in the S&P 84% of them reported positive earnings.

This was the quarter where the virus really hit the economy the hardest and everyone was really expecting the worst.

And to just briefly mention the dreaded “C” word. Daily new cases in the U.S. are finally starting to slow down.

All of this combined has allowed this crazy rally we’ve seen. And today the Dow finally has gone positive on the year, yet still down a bit from its all time highs.

So for the primary focus of today’s show, let’s get into The 3 Reasons Why You Should Trade:

1) You can’t save your way to financial freedom.

Now this is the opposite of what I’ve heard a lot of people saying out there. In fact, I’ve pulled up an article that says if you just cut out those pumpkin spice lattes, you can be a millionaire…and let me be honest, I think that’s total BS.

And I can prove it. Let’s take a look at this savings calculator. So with the goal of saving $1,000,000 in 10 years, let’s say we started with $20,000 already saved up.

So if we stop drinking our lattes, we’re saving $5/day over 30 or $150/month. Let’s say you’re seeing 5% returns with a savings account…you’d have to save for 59 years. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have that kind of time.

2) Trading is the ultimate playing field. In trading there is no discrimination. It doesn’t matter if you’re a math genius, or a PhD, a graduate or high school drop out.The markets don’t care! It’s not man vs woman, or young vs. old, or black vs. white and this is really why I love it!

3) Trading can make you money and YES, it can buy you happiness. And once again, I will prove it!
So as you probably know over the last month or so I’ve been trading The Wheel strategy and over that time I’m currently up over $3,200. Now this isn’t my primary account, but that’s not too bad for less than an hour or work each day during the week. With the world still turned on its side, it’s nice having the ability to make money from my home or really wherever I have internet. But I realize right now there are a LOT of people that are struggling and this is where I want to help.

So I’ve decided to donate all my profits from last month of trading “The Wheel” and I’m going to let you help me decide who gets it. That’s right! If you know someone who could really use a hand and this money would really have a positive impact on them, send me an email to smile@rockwelltrading.com and let me know who it is and what their situation is.

I’m going to keep this email address open through this Sunday, August 30, 2020. So if you’re watching this video before then and you have someone in mind, just shoot me an email.

Here’s some guidelines:

1) Please don’t nominate yourself. Nominate somebody who really needs this right now.
2) Send me an email and explain the situation.
3) Do it until Sunday, August 30, 2020
4) I’ll review all emails on Monday and decide who needs it the most.
5) I will send them the profits from August: $3,204

Together we can change lives and prove money can in fact buy happiness.

Top Questions & Comments From The Session:
C: Been trading options since 1981 with limited success and some great failures. The Theta Kings training has made me a successful trader and made The Wheel easy to understand/execute. Thanks Markus! 28:02
C: Index Funds do not do all that well because their number one consideration is Risk. 28:36
Q: Maybe one day a video about what you’ve tried that hasn’t worked for you in the past? 29:31
Q: WeBull is not allowing me to use more than $35,000 for selling put options. Is this the same for your new account? 30:57

Videos & Links Mentioned:
The “Wheel” Strategy Explained: https://bit.ly/3ePN4qT
tastyworks: http://rockwelltrading.com/tastyworks 
How to start trading with $500: https://youtu.be/vWPboLT5PXc

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Markus Heitkoetter says:

Do you know someone who is struggling right now? If you do, I'm planning on donating all my August trading profits from my new "Wheel" account to someone and I could use your help. If you know somebody who could really use the money, send me an email at: smile@rockwelltrading.com no later than this Sunday, August 30, 2020.

Videos & Links Mentioned:

The "Wheel" Strategy Explained: https://bit.ly/3ePN4qT

tastyworks: http://rockwelltrading.com/tastyworks

How to start trading with $500: https://youtu.be/vWPboLT5PXc

mjx bug2 says:

26:48 and great Schnitzel dear Markus, not to forget. It was in the years '86 in Düren ;).
Thank you for this great video again!

Good Living says:

OMG, you left on the 29th instead of attending the Berlin demo! Schade!


What option brokers r regulated in USA except Nadex?


What do u recommend for small trader who starting with$100. And also do u have any investing opportunities for small accpu t holders in nadex?

Kevin says:

I know some rich people that are miserable S.O.B's.

glenn pierce says:

Do you have a PO Box i would like to send them twenty bucks if possible .Not much but maybe it will help .PLMK Thx

Marlene Wright says:

Thank you Markus. Have a safe trip home.

Chewie 13 says:

38:40. How did you calculate the Premium annualized?

Martin Jennings says:

(I'm definitely not trying to nominate myself here, lol) but I need to say that I am still paper trading and am not profitable presently. Admittedly I am not giving full time to this as I am still playing music every day for a living. I have learned a lot about trading (so far mostly rough lessons). I can see all the money there in the stocks and options and how much I have yet to learn. Maybe I will trade like an expert by the time I come to retire from music! However I am not fully satisfied with the signals of the PXO. I find other impulses of information coming to me. I always try to completely discipline all my actions and have them under complete total control. You know that is really the whole battle. Having a strong thesis with regard to firm confidence in a stock over a set period of time is something which has to be correct. I find the Bollinger bands to be also helpful as well as Marcus favorite 3 indicators. Exponential Moving Average periods of 200, 100 and 50 are useful too. The Relative Strength Index is possibly the most telling, but Marcus system is the intersecting combination of 3 indicators. I have learned how modest intelligent planning and honest precise mathematical calculations are the only way to establish a wise pattern for victory. It is never greed that starts a beginner trader on the right path. There are some wicked risks and you need to know exactly how to turn risk into profit. I hope you will help me to pick my stocks and my timing. Any tips that work are welcome. I tried trading the Wheel even before I discovered Marcus. It was okay, but I didn't fully understand it as I do more now and having the majority of my money at stake became something I did not want to carry on with because there was so much market volatility back then. As a matter of fact I have uncovered some discrepancies in the representation of stock prices past which I believe have been changed after they have retired into the past! Surely that must be criminal if that happens. Stock prices should stay fixed as they were when time recedes into the past. They cannot upgrade past prices to higher than what they were at the time of trading them surely without that becoming a crime of tampering I feel I need to reach out with this point to see if anyone else has experienced such a kind of phenomenon.

Basem Shaath says:

U r the best Markus, have a safe trip and welcome back to the USA ✈️🇺🇸👍

Da Sisters says:

This post almost made me cry. You are giving $3000 to change someone's life. I wish I can nominate myself. Lol. Your book (PowerXStrategy) and your dedication to teaching others is helping me learn how to trade. Something i never thought someone like me could do. Thank you for helping someone get ahead and for all you do. Have a safe trip

raja mohan says:

I wasn't at the FB Coffee with markus this afternoon. I think it was a great idea to pay it forward with your suggestion. With so much sadness around the world, a little smile is what's needed. Thank you Markus for your initiative. Makes me want to think what I could do as well, especially after what I have made on the PXO and the Wheel!!!

Super Dave says:

Hey Markus, question about AIG. Today when I got the alert I noticed it said to sell for a premium of .25 cents, but after watching it a couple hours I never saw it go higher than.24 cents. Did you sell at lower than .25 and in these cases is it ok to sell at a few cents lower than what the alerts recommend, or do we pass on the trade if it doesn’t reach the recommended sell price? Thanks for your help.

Super Dave says:

It is awesome that you are donating your past months earnings to someone in need! This too makes me happy. Your big heart for helping others always shows. Thanks once again for helping us. Safe travels my friend.

maxjoey sirrock says:

Thanks Marcus I always wash your channel for me trading is the only way to go

Ken Holloway says:

Thanks for the great video Markus. You're an awesome dude (with a big heart).

Don V. O. says:

Markus' strategies do work! I actively trade with the same rules.
Get the needed education and prove it for yourself.🇺🇲🤑

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