3 Rules You MUST Know Before Trading Stocks 2018

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DISCLAIMER: Please note that i do not ask for any information. I always encourage our members to trade ONLY what you understand and never based on anyone’s opinion. My videos are for entertainment purposes only.any questions to message me as i would love to be a part of your success.


denise west says:

I think Ricky is the best I've been watching him for months he is super informative and especially if your new like I am to the stock market he is not only motivated me I would totally have been lost keep watching you won't regret it 🙂

Anne Edgerton says:

Hi, Ricky –
If you’d like help w/graphic design, I have years of professional experience and would love to work with you. To prevent spambots from blowing up my email, I’m sending you a message via FB & your info@TechBudSolutions email address.

jricherts99 says:

everything you say is exactly right…..I am doing alot of paper trading right now mostly etf, I am trying to do it realistically only buying 200 300 shares, everything green except for USLV all in all about 500 a week is normal right now. This to me is awesome and I am happy . OIL, Gold. Real estate . Ricky is the man I have learned a lot

VetPettalk says:

thank you for keeping it real, thank you for caring about people and teaching the wisdom you have been blessed with. We can all improve in every way, financial security is a great way to help others.

Daniel Smallie says:

After going through the learn Profits Plan Course I am able to keep my bank account green, without Ricky's Hard work and dedication I would have lost thousands of dollars in the stock market. Thanks for keeping it real and teaching me on a one on one basics. $299.00 is a small fee to pay for the course but well worth it. I am up $992.00 in my account to date. Thanks Ricky for teaching me this.

_ VesBraun says:

I'd love a wall art like:
In others opinions
Without understanding the position
With an exit plan

Suck that everyone is always interested in finding the perfect entry, then they should be looking at "If I get in here, where do I get out?" then implement tools and indicators to find an exit area. Even if it doesn't get you 100% of potential, you still leave the position with a profit.

Charles VonRitchie says:

You are a "voice crying in the wilderness".  Like Wisdom crying out in the streets.  Thank you just for the inspiration and encouragement to better myself as a person, let alone financially.  Who does that nowadays without an ulterior motive?  Only Ricky!  A light shining in the darkness/madness….Thank you!!!

Tim Peck says:

No one does videos like you ricky. Can't tell you how much we appreciate how concise and how quickly you get to the point. You are the only person I don't have to increase video speed on. Keep it up brother.
-lpp member

Brian says:

The Israelites had Moses leading the way in a long flowing robe carrying a staff…we have Ricky Gutierez!

Daniel Cash says:

You say don’t trust anyone so why should anyone trust what your saying? I’m not trying to be a negative person you actually taught me a lot about the stock market overall and I think you for that! So the question stands?

Jordan L says:

I like the comprehensive way you teach. Nothing but good things to say about you.

Twins on Twins Family Toy Review says:

Stock trainer app

Twins on Twins Family Toy Review says:

Stock trainer


U R Awesome!!!! It's in-fum-us BTW. So you're saying I shouldn't trade based on anybody else's opinion? Including yours? It's lagging, but you're still awesome.

Jack Perkins says:

Made 120$ swinging JDST, and also up 80$ on MCD, all thanks to watching your videos and the LPP group. Having the ability to talk to other people with the same goal is so helpful!

Dinollama Part2 says:

Ur mcclearan is gross

Mendo Crypto says:

Hey Ricky! Fellow TEM student at ASU here. Just wanted to encourage you, brother! Thanks for making great content!

Ian Williams says:


Matthew Bay says:

Rick sorry I couldn't make it live! But I'm still here! I broke some rules this week and paid the price — but I took small losses, learned my lesson and will correct this —- im still on track to meet my monthly goal tho so there's still hope — BTW ive heard so many worry about making $$$$ and yes that's nice — but making money is a byproduct and a means to an end —– the end goal is becoming a trader and Rick you are making one out of me. ( Join LPP guys )

John Buckley says:

Hey Little Ricky, I used to be a little over 6'5" too, enjoy it while you can. Love your videos and advice!

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