3 Simple Steps To Find The Best Penny Stocks | Day Trader

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511Freedom says:

Please if anyone can answer !!! How do you put on robinhood app both a sell order and a stop loss order? Or do you buy set a stop loss order and then cancel it when you see it is gettign to your sell point ? also since you mentioned the increase in percentages ! and base don the challenged, you want at least a 2.34% does that mean you use all the 1000 dollars for that one deal and then stop and you have your increase for the day ! not sure ? Because a 4% increase on that one deal depends on how much you buy does not mean a 2.34% increase in your overall account. I hope i am making sense thank you ?

jason kozak says:

thank you i appreciate the, very informative

Limit Break says:

Hey ricky, good video as always.

I sent a request to join TB sol in FB.

Marcello Isaac says:

some of the best trading platform that also offrer simulation trading

Robert J. duPreez says:

Ricky, Can you change one detail on your 1,000 challenge? If you can get your best students to 20K. 25K is much better a goal because of the freedom and reward of PT freedom. Great video!

Randy4me says:

I don't trade stocks like FTR. It's being manipulated. That's not natural organic price action I don't care what anyone says.

sacramentallyill says:

He gets to the point 10 mins into the video.

khristine mijares says:

Hi Ricky! Can I buy a stock after market hours and sell them right when they open? I wanna buy right now but I'm not sure if I can do that. Thank you. I really like your videos, it's very helpful.

Aaron Asbury says:

How does the checklist work?

Rodhwan Ahmed says:

thanks so much
really helpful vid

P Grak says:

I have the tendency to hold a stock over night if I see more upward potential. Yes it is a high risk but if you are limited to only one trading source, it could be crucial in order to find more buy ins the following day and wont limit you to only 3 day trades in a rotating week. ONLY IF YOU SEE MORE POTENTIAL COMING!!! A lesson I have learned….WAKE UP!!!! I'm a night owl but recently have realized being up and at it when the market opens, there is WAY more opportunities!!! If you can dedicate your "free time" to the market and you will be rewarded!!!

Steven Arias says:

Hi Ricky,
I've come across this channel as I've been meddling around with the idea of penny stocks for a while now and I would like to ask you on something that is in the realm of investing, but nothing to do with penny stocks: what do you think in investing in desert properties in Southern California?

I have managed to talk with some well-known realtors about this and they all seem rather enthusiastic on the notion of purchasing properties near the areas of Lancaster, Palmdale, and Hesperia due to the effects of urban sprawl, increase in aeronautical industry, and ranchers. There have been many reports that I have read ranging from statistics to economic journals detailing Antelope Valley's potential for future growth. I can share some findings with numbers, graphs, and actual accounts if you so wish. I'm asking since I would like to invest in a multi-acre property that is within this area that I believe holds a lot of potential, but I'm curious what you think of it.
Best wishes,

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