3 Things NOT To Do When Bitcoin is Dropping

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What are the 3 things which every investor should know before they buy into a market? What 3 mistakes can we avoid? We reveal in the video.

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INVESTING HUSTLER - Stocks Money Entertainment says:

Not sure when u hit 100k but congrats on the milestone brother 👌🙏

Satish Jaiswal says:

Thank you so much for this video

Drumpf Cheeto says:

You never know when it's a good timing. You are so dumb.

Drumpf Cheeto says:

Yes people don't buy when it's low. Buy when you know it's going high. Because YOU KNOW what's going to happen XD Dumbass video

Kumar Vishal says:

Have you heard about brainwonder77@gmail.com this guy has helped me grow my btc wallet 0.07

Memar Merto says:


LightnignPIZZZ TM says:


Da Cheez says:

This video has the right idea but the reality is crypto is massively undervalued. You could of bought at the top and you're still golden. The only people who will lose money are the people who sell off now when the prices are ridiculously low. You honestly think 400b is the top? 800b? Dude, 20T won't even be the top. Your position should have been secured pre-2017. There's still huge gains to be made. Just stick to the cryptos making moves. Cryptos not making real moves are misleading you. The EOS and Ripples of the world are where you'll actually lose in the long run. Stick to Bitcoin and the few other cryptos branching out to real world use cases. Thanks.

EDIT: Also, after further listening to the video you said: "Not buying, but waiting for the right time". I'd hate to tell you this my man, but the right time to buy is usually the point where you go "Oh shit, right now is a good time to buy". I personally keep most of my bitcoin as a long term hold but I do day trade to cover the bills. As soon as that price drops a few hundred i'm buying it up. The moment it jumps a few hundred i'm selling. If the price dips a significant amount, THAT is the time to buy. If you sit around scared that the price will never go back up you're too chicken shit for this type of market and you'll never last. Get out now.

Donny C says:

Thanks Alessio! I learn so much from your videos. I really appreciate all your guidance and tips.

Kevin Lindekens says:

Hey guys,

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Thank you so much !!

DanielRichards644 says:

just save everyone 8 minutes and fucking say wait till it starts to bounce back before buying.

DanielRichards644 says:

holy shit that intro selling the books is so fucking scammy.

Rafael Sequera says:

So, whats the right time to buy?… I was about to buy yesterday but your video made me think twice… Will i now regret not buying yesterday?

You Are ALL Diseased says:

Hated?…Yes…Cheap?…Yes…..Timing?….Yes time to buy Ripple XRP

Mahesh R says:

Chcek out $pac .
Are some working project ..community and masternodes

Bill Macy says:

Or just dollar cost average

David Méndez says:

Alessio, your subscribtions is a market I would totally buy into. Congrats to YouTube silver! You deserve it.

clintsandiego says:

Thanks Alessio. always good watching your videos.

Arjun Dev says:

man my profile is a damn chaos! I made a mistake in putting all in alt coins! when it was going up! damn I have nothing left for the king coin! 🙄😓😟😒

Lacho Amaya says:

That just work if you are a trader, but not if you are a long term investor.

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