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Today I discuss my 3 Top Penny Stocks to buy and watch for January 2020 and beyond. These 3 companies have been in business for a long time and pay a dividend.

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victordscott says:

I looked at BGG based on this video and thought it was a good buy without a lot of risk. I bought some the next day and it is up 6%. Thanks for the information.

GenExDividendInvestor says:

I like where you said that penny stocks are trading low for a reason…. Its possible to make money, but man its risky…

Milone Money Mindset says:

BGG looks very interesting, I need to check into this one! Thanks for sharing!

Investing & The FIRE Movement - Adventures and Us says:

Hmm haven't heard of VAACO Energy before how did you hear about this company and how do you find your other stocks?

Big Ben's Road to Early Retirement says:

Very interesting video. Never really been into penny stocks myself but I enjoy listening to people's opinions on them.

Travis Williams says:

i think BGG is a good pick. I haven't tapped much into penny stocks so you gave me some great information today. Thanks!

Investing With Chris says:

I remember I was always looking at PHOT and POTN a while ago. They haven’t gone anywhere but down haha

The Entrepreneur Channel says:

BGG is quite solid 🔥🔥

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