3 Ways to Let More of Your Profits Run

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http://www.moneyshow.com/?scode=013356 Being patient with winning trades is nearly as important as being impatient with losing ones, says Hubert Senters, who explains a few methods for staying in winning trades longer.


spencereng says:

Use a higher timeframe chart to determine how much of a swing or reasonable move can be obtained. Also look at the angle of attack and take account of the market environment and current volatility.

johto says:

Normal trailing stop is the "dog in the leash" what he talked about. Of course its ok to use a "trailing" stop but do it your self, not automatic.

Imho Its better to "trail" and lock your profits your self and look for good placement of your stops(i would look behind from supply / demand levels). Worst and the most popular mechanical trailing stop uses some set static distance from the price.

teycir bensoltane says:

Use trailing stops!

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