30-Minute Interview With My Top Student Tim Grittani

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Learn more about Tim at http://timgrittani.com and see reviews here http://tim.ly/ttreviews of his new 16-hour DVD study guide outlining EXACTLY how he’s turned a few thousand dollars into $2.7 million in 4 years…it’s not luck, it’s strategy…and a TON of hard work


Sam And says:

Really inspiring! It really helps to see a vivid example of what we are capable of achieving with Tim's challenge eventhough the start is always the hardest. Loosing some at the beginning are only valuable lessons, and learning all the material before trading is also very true. Very inspired by both Tims :D

MentorMe Community says:

Thanks Tim!!

stundown says:

hey tim.. my bank does not issue a credit card.. give me an alternative to make payment ..why is there no debit card? Online transfer option? Why just credit card?

I am having a hard time buy penny stocking silver :/

stundown says:

Tim .. I have sent you an email .. your team does not reply ? Damn man?
Its 3rd time I have got no reply?

MarinRayado says:

I just want to be financially free!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James Kolesnikovich says:

awesome interview

stockspicker says:

Very Informative…..thanks!

Ibruh 313 says:

I love you Tim!

Collan Wetzel says:

Tim, I discovered you back in May and have been following you and studying ever since. I'm in the process of opening my account right now and am super excited/nervous to begin trading. What I've learned I owe largely to you and am looking forward to turning months of studying and preparation into success. Keep it up man!

No Mind says:

awesome video.

tarmask7 says:

Please can you recommend a cooking class?

Michael Wilson says:

Awesome more motivation for me!!!

Sharp8Gaming says:

First comment lol

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